Boycott Companies That Use Prison Labor


In addition to the scary problem of privately-operated, for-profit prisons, for-profit corporations are further incentivising higher incarceration rates by tapping into the prison population and exploiting what essentially amounts to slave labour. Regardless of your politics or how you feel about prisoners’ rights, this affects you! The corporations that exploit prisoner labour, eager to get even more of it, will continue to bribe (“lobby”) Washington for more laws and harsher sentences, because more prisoners = more cheap labour. Any financial incentive to needlessly put more people in prison should be cause for alarm! Furthermore, it is the taxpayers who are subsidizing the decreased labour costs of these private corporations.   

This campaign aims to identify all companies that use prison labor. Let us show these organizations what we think of their practices and boycott them until they stop using prison labour!

Abbott Laboratories Company Profile

AT&T Inc. Company Profile

Autozone, Inc. Company Profile

Bank of America Corporation Company Profile

Bayer Corporation Company Profile

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. Company Profile

Cargill, Inc. Company Profile

Caterpillar Inc. Company Profile

Chevron Corporation Company Profile

Costco Wholesale Corporation Company Profile

Deere & Company Company Profile

Golden Gate Capital Company Profile

Eli Lilly and Company Company Profile

Exxon Mobil Corporation Company Profile

GlaxoSmithKline PLC Company Profile

Glaxo Wellcome Inc. Company Profile

Hoffmann Laroche Inc. Company Profile

International Paper Company Company Profile

VF Corporation Company Profile

Johnson & Johnson Company Profile

Sears Holdings Corporation Company Profile

Koch Industries, Inc. Company Profile

Mary Kay, Inc. Company Profile

McDonald’s Corporation Company Profile

Merck & Co Inc Company Profile

Microsoft Corporation Company Profile

Motorola Company Profile

Nintendo Co. Ltd. Company Profile

Pfizer Inc. Company Profile

The Procter & Gamble Company Company Profile

PepsiCo Inc. Company Profile

ConAgra Foods, Inc. Company Profile

Hillshire Brands Company Company Profile

The Unilever Group Company Profile

Royal Dutch Shell plc Company Profile

Wireless Solutions Incorporated Company Profile

Starbucks Corporation Company Profile

State Farm Insurance Company Profile

United Continental Holdings Company Profile

United Parcel Service, Inc. Company Profile

Verizon Communications Inc. Company Profile

Limited Brands Company Profile

George Weston Limited Company Profile

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Company Profile

Wendy’s Company Profile

2 thoughts on “Boycott Companies That Use Prison Labor

  1. There is no way that my labor would ever be utilized in the unlikely event of incarceration. Why don’t the prisoners stop working? That’d bring the economy to a grinding halt. Inmates could play their trump card.

  2. Most prisoners are very young and have zero exposure to the ideas we discuss here.
    The system is set up to incentivize their participation in this “slave labor” for prison privileges. Things like extra Ramon noodles. Sad.
    The intelligence agencies, specifically the CIA (but many others) participate in the importation of drugs (cocaine, opium) into America. Our children and family members die, or end up in prison, directly abetted by these “government” entities.
    The private, for profit, prison system and it’s evil twin, the “war on drugs” need to be flushed down the toilet of history.
    The DEA and ATF should be abolished. The CIA and FBI disbanded completely before being reorganized from the ground up.
    I know, first hand, that ~ 50% of the people on probation commit crimes (robbery, drug sales, etc.) to pay for their monthly probation meetings that cost $65/month, or $77/month if there is a drug test required at the whim of the probation officer.
    That’s a vicious “slave” circle if I’ve ever seen one.
    Boycott as many of these companies as you can.
    Especially Zionist/Jewish owned and controlled businesses.

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