BREAKING: Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to tax crimes after plea deal rejected by judge

By Hannah Nightingale – The Postmillennial

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor tax charges. This comes after a plea deal between Hunter’s team and prosecutors fell apart after US District Judge Maryellen Noreika brought up the potential for future FARA charges.

Biden was expected to plead guilty to the two misdemeanor tax charges in exchange for a federal gun charge being dropped.

According to CNBC, “agreements on the tax and gun charges were distinct,” but during the hearing, Hunter Biden said that he wouldn’t agree to plead guilty to the tax charges “without the diversion program and dismissal of gun charges.”

Judge Noreika questioned prosecutors about whether the investigation was ongoing and if possible future FARA charges could be brought forth, to which they said it is, something that Biden’s attorneys had reportedly not agreed to.

The proceedings were reportedly put on hold by the judge until the parties settled the dispute.

After 1 pm, Biden entered a plea of not guilty pending the approval of a revised plea deal. Judge Noreika has requested written answers to some of the provisions in the new agreement.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.


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