BREAKING: Plane Full of Illegal Immigrants Lands in San Diego

Breitbart – by Kristin Tate

HOUSTON, Texas–Breitbart Texas has learned that a plane full of illegal immigrants from South Texas have just landed in San Diego. They will likely be bused to a facility in Murrieta, California, where furious citizens assert that their town is no place for the migrants.

A source on the ground provided Breitbart Texas with a photo of a Department of Homeland Security bus spotted heading to the San Diego airport.  

CBS reported that the migrants are expected to arrive in Murrieta “just after 10 a.m.” PST.

John Henry, a Murrieta resident since 1991, told Breitbart Texas that it takes about an hour to get from San Diego to Murrieta by car.

On Sunday Breitbart Texas broke the news that federal agents plan to bring riot gear and shields to the town on Monday to ensure that citizen protesters do not block the bus from delivering the migrants to the facility. It is unclear at this time how many illegal immigrants will ultimately arrive.

Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California–a town that neighbors Murrieta–told Breitbart Texas that local police officers warned the protesters that “it’s going to get ugly.” He said, “The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday–they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.”

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