Broken Security Cameras in Houston Public Schools an Open Invitation for Deranged Shooters or a Precursor For a Staged Event??

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Why would the news broadcast that security cameras in most schools in Houston Texas school districts do not work? Do they know that this is an open invitation for a person on psychotropic medication to go kill school kids.  Is the next school shooting going to happen in Houston Texas? This type of news cast is something they should not advertise with someone on psychotropic drugs watching TV.

It is bad enough our school campuses, movie theaters and shopping malls are Gun Free Zones. These places are an open invitation for any deranged person with a gun to shoot unarmed patrons. Someone in the local media maybe had good intentions to inform the parents of broken security cameras in the public schools. These broken cameras maybe not intentional on the part of the School Districts. It could be economic reasons too. Even though parents have a right to know about these things. How it is revealed can put lives in danger.

It is kind of ironic that places where there was these mass shootings when there was security cameras. At Sandy Hook Elementary School, the security cameras malfunctioned before the shooting started. It seems to happen when a staged event happens. These cameras seem to malfunction all of sudden. Sounds like an inside job to me because most of these security cameras are funded by Federal Grant money wired to the Federal Government central location it has been said.

It just kind of worries me that the local media would air such a story. Is this a ploy to get a copy cat shooter to go into a public school to start killing children? Is it a precursor for something bad ready to happen in Houston. Now as of February 14, 2013. Houston Independent School District now admits no one is watching the security cameras in the schools.Ithought they cared for the children and wanted to keep them safe. At least one School Board member has responded demanding answers why these cameras are broken

Could Texas be the next place were there might be another shooting in a school? With these Gun Free School Zones and Cameras that are not operational. It sounds like the next staged incident can be in Houston. Face it, Texas is a stronghold for liberty and the right to keep and bear arms. The City of Houston is so far up the Feds rectal cavity for Federal Grant money. Can the Houston PD working with rogue factions inside the Federal Government as I write? Are they setting up covert activity for propaganda reasons to attack the right to keep and bear arms right in the heart of Texas by trying to make Texans turn their guns in. or to demonize Texas gun owners since they are stubborn.

This is something that cannot be ignored. This could be a big red flag that another staged shooting might be next staged event in Houston. Maybe someone in KHOU ran the story to stop it by holding the HSID, the City of Houston and Harris County accountable by pointing out defective security cameras if a shooting does happen. Blame can be placed where it does belong and not on 200 million gun owners who are law abiding.

They Houston Police Chief, Mayor and the Harris County Sheriff public support disarming the people and stands behind Obama’s gun control agenda. These people are not to be trusted. People of Houston keep watch around the school for drills or anything suspicious. These Drills have been known to happen when the real shooting is happening. Remember not to long ago. The US Military conducted a Drill at a Houston High School as an exercise that scared many residents. The Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff might be involved in nefarious activities with the Federal Government to stage an incident to attack Texas gun owners especially using dead children as they did with Sandy Hook.

Keep your eyes open parents and patriots. Keeping another shooting in a school from happening is by exposing suspicious activities by the police doing things out of character that is highly unusual. If you see something, Say something. Expose the real terrorist. The US Government. They killed 17 children in Waco Texas. A few more school kids would not bother them one bit as long as the end justifies the means. Houston, we got a Problem. Let them not get away with it. Don’t let them use dead children to disarm America

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  1. Considering they’ve been doing 1 or 2 military drills in Houston if not more these past few weeks, and the fact that the city government officials in Houston is so in love with the Feds and DHS, whereas the people of Houston are completely against them, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Don’t expect the people to come flocking to return their guns though. If anything, they will be mandating that teachers be armed while at school and have the opposite effect of what the Feds and the city want. So I don’t know what they would be trying to prove by doing a false flag there. No one will fall for it. That is, unless the MSM media manages to find the same one or two idiots living in all of Houston, who will get on camera like those two idiots who were on camera last week and commenting about how they felt about the military drill and helicopter by saying, “Well, I guess as long as they are doing it to make sure we are safe, that’s all that matters.” Those two are probably the only idiots in all of Houston who they had to bribe to find and be on camera because I have friends in Houston and believe me, THEY HAVE ZERO LOVE FOR BIG BROTHER AND WANT DHS OFF OF THEIR BUSES AND OUT OF THEIR CITY!!!

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