Bronx gunman shoots two NYPD sergeants, dies in firefight

New York Daily News

Two NYPD sergeants were shot in the Bronx in broad daylight Friday — and a heavily-armed gunman was killed, sources said.

A robbery suspect carrying multiple guns opened fire on the officers at Noble Ave. near Bronx River Ave. about 3 p.m.  

Two NYPD officers were reportedly shot in the Van Nest section of the Bronx, Friday. One of the sergeants was listed in serious condition. The other suffered non-life-threatening injuries, sources said.

The gunman was killed in the exchange, sources said.

Both cops were taken to Jacobi Medical Center for treatment, according to preliminary reports.

4 thoughts on “Bronx gunman shoots two NYPD sergeants, dies in firefight

  1. I’m pleased to report that one of the dirty pigs has died of his wounds.

    Take THAT, pig, for being a member of a mercenary army that denies the citizens of NYC their Second and Fourth Amendment rights, among others.

    1. Even at one-for-one, they would disappear in a hurry.

      I’d much prefer seeing 2, 3, even half a dozen get smoked at a time.

      And the shooter(s) making a clean getaway.

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