Bryan, Brazos County expected to not award incentives to Gunler Foods

Gee Thanks, Rick Perry, for bringing “Businesses” and “Jobs” like this to Texas.

The Eagle – by Beth Brown

Bryan and Brazos County are expected to decide next week to not award incentives to Gunler Foods, the manufacturing plant located in Texas Triangle Park that is accused of owing tens of thousands of dollars to vendors around town.  

The Mexico-based company was offered tax abatement and non-annexation agreements from the county and Bryan and broke ground in Bryan’s business park in September 2012. In order to receive these incentives, Gunler was obligated to put down at least $15 million in taxable value on the property by the end of 2014, obtain a payroll of $4.6 million and build a 110,000-square-foot facility.

The Research Valley Partnership was charged with putting together a compliance report to determine if Gunler met these obligations, which Bryan and Brazos County would use in deciding if the incentives should be offered. This is the first time Gunler has been reviewed, and it is eligible to have all of its property taxes abated from the county and not to be annexed into Bryan.

City and county officials said they do not expect those obligations have been met. The Brazos County Commissioners Court has the topic on its Tuesday agenda, and Judge Duane Peters said he intends to move forward terminating the abatement.

“It’s obvious and it’s been obvious that they’re not going to meet any of those goals that were set, and it’s just best if we go ahead and deal with it, I believe,” Peters said.

The Bryan City Council will discuss the report and annexing the property during its executive session on Tuesday, said Kean Register, Bryan’s city manager. It’s possible that the council could take action coming out of the closed-door session or wait until the following meeting.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski said the council will get legal advice and then will look into what needs to be done to annex the property.

The Eagle reported in March that many of Gunler’s former employees have said checks routinely bounced due to insufficient funds, and some weren’t paid at all after the plant unexpectedly shut down in February.

Some vendors who worked with Gunler also said that they still haven’t been paid for services they provided, even after attempting to collect payment for months.

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