13 thoughts on “Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before It Happened Says Whistleblower Charged Under Patriot Act

  1. Why is this video posted on this forum? A while back, I used to like Abby & RT. Then I realized, it’s the land of limited hangouts and disinfo. She’s a smart girl, and so I have zero belief that 12 years later she still believes “Bin Laden did it”.

    Yet here she is, all these years later, parroting the “terrorism” and “Bin Laden” memes. Seriously? Gee, wonder who she didn’t and won’t implicate in 9/11. Any guesses?

    I left her and RT a little over six months ago. Figured I’d listen again though given this video was posted on FTTWR, thus believing perhaps she now was willing and able to speak the truth. Nope. So again, why is this video here?

    Don’t know what’s worse – lies with a massive platform, deception with a massive platform or ignorance with a massive platform. Way to go Abby, way to lead the struggling new souls awakening to the truth right down a dead end alley.

    ps: the rant she had six months ago that led me to leave her and RT was one were, I believe it was after Sandy Hook, she viciously chastised a caller for daring to think “everything” was a government conspiracy, including Sandy Hook. WTF? Again, thanks Abby.

    1. We bring articles and videos to this site for discussion. In the midst of that discussion, we attempt to discern the truth.
      So, why did you choose to insult this site? Are their any more articles or videos you think we shouldn’t look at?

      1. Yeah Henry, I almost posted this video proclaiming that 19 Arabs armed with only “boxcutters” took down the Twin Towers but I know how you feel about conspiracy theories so I didn’t post it. 🙂

      2. Henry – funny thing is that after I commented, I thought that perhaps my comment could have been interpreted in the manner that you had. So it’s interesting to see that you had in fact got that message. Just to let you know, it was not meant that way.

        I’ve been following your site for quite a while now and have the utmost respect for who you are and what you do. I’ve seen you many times on the show seemingly lose your temper and patience out of sheer frustration at what’s going on in this country and the world. This is of course understandable given the insanity on this planet, and I can certainly empathize with it.

        My point? In line with that thought, what you might have interpreted as a negative comment on my part directed towards FTTWR was simply my continuing disbelief and outrage from having to see another one of the people/sites I have followed and trusted for a while (RT, Alex Jones, et. al) once again bow out of the truth, benedict arnold style, while at the same time declaring they are on our side.

        The scumbags that are destroying our world, our lives and the lives of our familes are at the 1-yard line in sealing the fate of humanity, so at this point I have zero tolerance for people like Abby and others who can get up there on the, ahem, alternative media, saying they are all for the truth and then launch into a massive disinfo campaign. I don’t know how they do it. I simply don’t know. Like I said, I don’t know what’s worse – the psychopaths that are pulling all this off or the media that are giving them cover. And so this includes both the MSM and the alternative bs sites.

        Like you, I’m an honest guy who’s tired of being f’ed with by seemingly everyone, including people I don’t trust as well as the seemingly now endless parade of those I used to trust and who are now no longer trusted.

        Apologies for the lengthy response, but just to be clear and to summarize, my comment was not directed at you or your site, but at the cowards that are sealing our fate as I write this.

        1. Geeeee wizzzzzzzzzz,I wonder how many times you have talked to “rand paul” or if your teleVISION has an off button.Instead of spewing negative USELESS FEELINGS CRAP and LURKING ABOUT, how about posting somthing positive and beneficial to “our cause”

    2. Could you please advise me what I should watch? Is Pravda the new go to source for unbiased news? I’m so confused.

  2. last time I checked ex cia assets dont get much air time, like bin laden, so yeah dont waste your time on Rt, its the classic good cop bad cop flip flop, Russia used to be the bad cop but now its criticizing the new bad cop USA, but they are both collection agencies run by zionists and the rothchilds.

  3. Yes, they knew. Five-weeks before Christopher Story was murdered, he published specific details from a Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR), report out of Denver, very clearly proving the CFR knew EXACTLY what was going to happen 5-months before 9-11.

    They knew. Of course, they knew. And one reason the crackdown is expanding fast, and faster… Is because they know they can’t cover it up anymore. Technology is too fast these days. Whatever technology they use to fake the criminal things they do, young brilliant free minds will expose quickly. So, the goofballs who are so evil they deserve to die a thousand deaths, simply cannot get away with anything really.

    So, give them credit. Even they realize they are going to have to force us all into submission, and soon. Or they will just be getting exposed worse and worse as time unfolds. Also, bungling fools are just that. Bungling fools. So, they may not realize that part yet, but their attempts at discreet crimes is funny its so bad. Maybe the call it the “hidden hand” because they themselves are trying to hide how many bungling things they’ve done with it. I don’t know… Either way, they are scoundrels of the lowest kind, morons in general, and doomed to eternal damnation ultimately. Hooray !!

  4. The government contract for multiple-personality spam packs must have successfully filled. Other sites are reporting up-ticks in trolling as well.

    1. True, but are they getting the quality high end trolls we’re seeing here (mostly), or just the wannabe posers?

  5. Susan Lindauer MUST have Divine Protection or she would not be free and alive today. When anyone opposes the globalist organized crime syndicate, the Kingdom of Satan, the international bankster-gangsters, the New World Order advocates, they are considered as a threat to the Kingdom of Satan and done away with. The only reason that I am alive and well today is because of the Divine Protection. All patriots need to pray daily for Divine Protection and for Divine Victory in exposing and annihilating the Kingdom of Satan. Pray for all the evils and destructive creations of the Satanists to be driven back into themselves for their own destruction.

  6. SEE: CIA Officer Explains New World Order’s Demise (10:58)
    SEE: Best Illuminati Video on You Tube (11:44)

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