How the MSM got us again.

What Really Happened – by Anthony Kininson

Ok kiddies; gather around, I have a riddle for you. I’m going to list some things previously available to a nation before the Zionists ruined it. Here it goes!

What country provided $20,000 to newlyweds for purchase of a home? Who paid half for a vehicle? Who made petrol 7 cents a gallon? If you wanted to be a farmer, who provided free training, free land and a home, free equipment and livestock, free seeds and money to hire help? Who made all loans interest free by law from the state before we instituted and evil Zionist Rothschild central bank? Who spent millions if not billions on water and electricity to nations other than his own? Who provided free education and quality healthcare, and if you couldn’t get adequate of either in the country, they paid for you to travel abroad? Who said that a home was a basic right and he would make sure everyone would receive housing before his own father, which he honored because his father died before getting housed? Who had a quality of life higher than Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil? Who had the support of nearly the entire country? If you guessed Libya and Col. Gaddafi, you are correct.

Obama went on live TV and said the people of Libya were tired of the tyrant Gaddafi and we had to remove him. This is an outright lie, demonstrated by how 1/3 of the entire country came out in Tripoli to protest out bombing. It was said that it was the Libyans revolting, which was a lie; they were Zionist foreigners who were supplied with arms from NATO. How do we know this? Well, they lied and said they got their arms from raiding Libyan army bases. This is simply not true because the Libyan army used AK-47’s, and these rebels were armed to the teeth with shiny new FNFAL rifles with new 7.62 NATO rounds. And not only did we provide state of the art Anti air missiles, they came complete with their own CIA handlers to train in how to operate them. We lied and said he was bombing his own people, but it has been proven that was a lie, and videos of rebels firing anti- aircraft guns and scores of dead bodies were staged for the media. The also showed men and children dead or with injuries, but there is video of them applying Hollywood style fake blood, and one guy in a coffin starts laughing.

It was said Gaddafi was crazy and supported terrorists, most namely the Lockerbie bomber. The problem with that is the only thing that convicted him was eyewitness testimony, and since then the witnesses recanted their stories and said they were paid 2 million dollars each to lie for the FBI and finger him. He was also made out to be crazy by having those women bodyguards. In reality he used women because in Islam, it is not allowed to kill innocent women and children. And the fact that they were attractive can be attributed to most females who are in shape and athletic happen to be good looking. You would think if he was so hated and everyone wanted him gone they wouldn’t have to make up stories and outright lie, right?

Let’s get to the real reason for his removal. In the year 2000, the only countries without an evil Zionist Rothschild central bank were Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Afghanistan, and North Korea. Since then we have toppled all but Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. It was said that Saddam was going to change from the fiat monopoly money Petrodollar to the Euro to buy his oil. It was also said that Libya was only going to accept gold for theirs. In a country that runs on fake made from thin air money, the USA knew that if the world stopped accepting its monopoly money for commodities, the dollar would fail as the world’s reserve currency and a country like China would move in and become the new global player. They simply could not let that happen. So when they said that 9/19 hijackers attacked the world trade center, despite 9 being alive still to this day and Usama Bin Laden, a CIA operative named Tim Ossman, was the ringleader, despite he denied any involvement up to his death in Dec 01′, somehow that equaled to invading Iraq and Afghanistan. When they realized that the people would not go for this, they then said he supported terrorists and had WMD, which we all know how that turned out.

I for one am tired of the lies. Everything we have ever done has been based on a lie. Sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, the war on, \�Terra\�, all of it, has been one lie after another resulting in countless loss of life. Until we stand up and kick the Zionist bankers out, we will never be free. We send billions to Israel who is the only country to attack us and have nothing happen. Most notably the attacks on the USS Liberty and the USS Cole stand out in my mind. I was in the Navy and stationed on a similar ship to the Cole, a cruiser. I remember wondering how an IED on a boat could put a 30 foot hole in a 5” reinforced steel hull damaging all the way to the mess decks. That isn’t how explosives work. The blast wouldn’t have been directed at anything and just would have made a giant fireball with concussion going out in 360 degrees in all directions. This looked focused. Then I found out that the official CIA report had it as a modified Popeye cruise missile fired from a Dolphin class Israeli Submarine. Usually I wouldn’t believe a word the CIA says, but since the author of the report was killed by Mossad, I think that speaks for itself. You couple that with the Dancing Israelis, the Mossad agents who went on life TV and admitted to 9/11 in so many words and you have a real cause for concern.

I for one thinks it’s high time we take our country back, but with the recent staged events such as Sandy Hoax and the Boston smoke bomb, it seems like they are only getting warmed up for what is to come. They ran full martial law in Watertown, MA, stay in your homes until we ransack the place and force you to get searched at gun point. That seems like a practice run for the entire country. They did that to find two patsies who had nothing to do with it. This is obvious by the photoshopping of the younger brother’s backpack out of a picture after the blast. If he still had his backpack, how did he detonate it? And who were all those Kraft security guys with detonator looking devices and the same backpacks? Why were there all those crisis actors with fake injuries? How could shrapnel tear a person’s clothes to shreds, but stop at soft flesh, since there was no blood underneath the torn ribbons? And it was said that only a few people were, \�Killed\�, but that same weekend over 17 people had been killed in Chicago gang violence. Where is the martial law for those crimes?

It’s obvious they are staging the well-known pre packed government stories that don’t have to be true, for total gun ban. It started, in my opinion, with the non-shooting of the AZ rep. Gabby Gifford. I knew it was a hoax by one little picture, the famous picture of her intern holding her hand as she was wheeled to the ambulance. He was labeled a hero for applying pressure to her head wound until EMTs arrived. I was a combat medic who has dealt with a plethora of injuries and they all had one thing in common, blood. He is seen in the picture without a drop of blood on him or her. So they expect us to believe he a applied pressure on her shot head and didn’t get a drop on him? It’s time to wake up people, here is your coffee.

9 thoughts on “How the MSM got us again.

  1. People just don’t seem able to accept that mostly-white, English-speaking politicians could be murderous, lying tyrants. I say that as a white man I agreed with Susan Sontag when she said the white race was the cancer of humanity. It is the most dangerous species that ever lived. Greed. Lies. Mass murder.

      1. If they were, they wouldn’t be doing their best to mongrelize the white race. ‘Jews’ are descendants of Esau, NOT Jacob. They were the Canaanites, Edomites and Amalakites, the Hebrews mortal enemies. The following is from “A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered…” (Cleraubat):

        “The modern ‘jews’ are more recently descended from the Khazars; an Asiatic Turko-Mongoloid people and are NOT white; though they have intermarried with Caucasians to the extent that they are lighter and erroneously thought to be “white”. See The Thirteenth Tribe by “jewish” author Arthur Koestler (who received death threats from other “jews” for writing this book). The renown historian H.G. Wells confirms this in his Outlines of World History. (1922).”

        Also this:

        “The following is an excerpt from the book “A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered…” (Cleraubat)

        “Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich in a special meeting of the EMERGENCY COUNCIL OF EUROPEAN RABBIS (January 12, 1952) in Budapest, Hungary, gleefully declared, “I can state with assurance that the last generation of white women is now being born. Our control of communism will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, and the white men with dark women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory.”

        Most on this site know much of this information. Not all, unfortunately, as you can see.

  2. Mick You quote a fkn j-wess to condemn the WHITE RACE .I am of the WHITE race and have no Ill will towards any of my fellow man,Now the ELITE INBRED 2% and most j-ws do indeed hate all but themselves and have no qualms about murdering 5-6 billion. Most of the whites in this country are the offspring of INDENTURED SERVANTS and have always been treated as bad if not worse than any so called special “minority”,soes pull your blind head out of your a#s mick cause it just aint the truth what you and this -j-w wench are spreading.and these scumbag “politicians” are bought,bribed and paid for whores of the moneied elite.

      1. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. These are the parasite white race and Susan Sontag is one of those lying whores. The Joos are the only race that circumcises their babies with the lips of the rabbi. Own the major porn studios, commits child sacrifices, set up and attacked America with the blessing of the traitorous presidents. And the blind christian church has the gall to believe the joos are Gods chosen. WAKE UP WHITE MAN!!

  3. These Zionist, blood sucking creatures straight out of hell, deserve nothing but death. Satan worship, child sacrifice, pedophilia running rampant, destroyers of morality, and, of course, their motto, “War by Deception” make the Zionists who have taken over the Israeli government and, by proxy, our government and media and banking structure as well, the most evil example of man to ever exist. Every last one of these sons of b@#ches must be rounded up and dealt with if we are to avoid the enslavement of mankind.

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