18 thoughts on “But the cat gets to poop in the house.

      1. Thanks Paul. I am so used to things like that happening that I am kind of used to it. I am just waiting for wjen TSHTF. I do have my bouts of arrogance and p-ss-d off attituds though. They just never seem to let up on me. I just wish that I had me a high powered hand gun adn a decent rifle. A guy like me could use one. 😐

        1. Hey Digger i enjoy what you have to say. i learn from you almost every day, I also have learned a lot on this site. so glad i found it, and you. wish you had a weapon as well.

          1. Well thankyou Paul, I realy try to do my best here. I better with the good quality people we all are here. You are doing mighty fine work yourself Paul 😉

    1. Digger – have you been flu’d? Was in town today and saw
      all kinds of people stuffed up, congested, faces red. In my
      state, 29 people have died but is probably more d/t
      misdiagnosing. Read where a liqueur called Sambuca
      was good for the flu. Bought a bottle just in case.
      Keep the faith.

      1. Naw Leita. I haven`t had so muchas the sniffles for over 10 yrs. How about you Leita ? I am just getting harrased by the PTB all the time and I am getting realy sick of it. Probobly why I have no patience with cops and trolls

        1. No Digger I can’t say that as I was exposed to the crap on a daily basis;
          coughing in my face, contact with body flds., touching unknown contaminants etc. Anyway, I use to know a guy in Ga who made his own rifles.
          Extremely creative. The question is: when does a rifle become a rifle?

          1. Old Blue Eyes 😉 . Yea that was a unexpected change. Actually a good song for sure… Yes a rifle becomes a rifle when it is bigger than a pistol I think. just a joke, but it does make perfect sense to me 🙂 LOL 😎

      2. Yes Leita, that Sambuca is good stuff. You are talking the Elderberry stuff? Cause that is realy good stuff.

  1. Awww! This cuteness must be banned, it make’s my heart melt. Thanks Paul! Sweet little puppy! Awww! I want to give it hugs and kisses. 🙂

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