California cities ‘may cease to exist’?

RT News  In a phenomenon that seems to be worsening with each and every hour, a widespread fiscal crisis in California is quickly propelling the state into bankruptcy, city by city.

Within a matter of only one month, three cities in California have officially sought bankruptcy protection, with a request out of San Bernardino on Tuesday being just the latest episode in recent surge of unfortunate fiscal news on the West Coast. Coming off of similar measures by way of officials in Stockton and Mammoth Lake, California is experiencing a departure into the deep end across the entire state that no authority seems ready to handle.

“There are likely to be more in the future, but it’s hard to know, since a lot of struggling cities may manage to work things out,” Michael Coleman, a fiscal policy advisor for the California League of Cities, tells the Los Angeles Times.“Some cities may not go into a bankruptcy, but they may dissolve. They may cease to exist.”

Stockton’s seeking of bankrupt protection this week marks the largest city in the state to do as such in the history of California. Going back to a Chapter 9 filing in 2008 out of the Bay Area city of Vallejo, however, it is a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Even on a smaller scale, officials are being forced to adjust spending everywhere in California, even when it comes to the state’s educational institutions. Earlier this month, evaluators warned administrators at the City College of San Francisco that the school had only eight months to prove that it can propel itself out of the red or else it will be cut funding drastically. In that instance, the president of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges says,“leadership weaknesses at all levels” and a “failure to react to ongoing reduced funding” are jeopardizing the college’s future.

San Francisco’s City College still has a few months to prove itself to the commission, but it’s an issue that is being experienced everywhere across the country. The city of Stockton — which boasts a population of around 209,000 — isn’t expected to be able to pay public workers as early as August 15. Officials close to the city structure warn that, if adjustments aren’t made, the consequences will be catastrophic.

“If the employees are not paid on Aug. 15, on Aug. 16 there will be a mass exodus of city employees,” City Attorney James Penman warned the council this week, Bloomberg News reports. “People are not going to work when they don’t get paid. Most of our employees will not show up to work. That would include police, fire, refuse, everybody. The city will virtually shut down.”

Bloomberg adds in their report that across the state in San Bernardino, the city has accumulated $243 million worth of outstanding debt. This week officials agreed with a 4-to-2 vote to file for bankruptcy protection. At this point, the next measure to keep the city afloat might very well be closing down emergency services.

“I think all possibilities should be on the table,” San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris tells the media this week. “That includes privatizing services; that includes regionalizing services.”

17 thoughts on “California cities ‘may cease to exist’?

    1. Solly, butta we gotta no monney, so su geta no peention and su geta no bennie wennies. So su go now and hava nica day!


    Federal tax contributions towards unnecessary spending in wars, tsa, drones, military bases etc. can be used towards building a better state (billions if not trillions)

    Get your own currency – stay miles away from Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and all their associates

    Stay away from fractional reserve banking.

    Make it illegal to lobby. Include a state budget for election campaigning

    I think california can set a good example – it has enough natural resources to make it self-sufficient, lot of farmlands, sunlight, technology etc. and the weather is not as harsh (less maintenance for snow etc.)

    1. They still have Forest Fires and Earthquakes. That sometimes makes up for the harsh weather conditions elsewhere.

  2. “Some cities may not go into a bankruptcy, but they may dissolve. They may cease to exist”. Without clarification, this is without a doubt one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read. Cities do not simply “dissolve”. They can become insolvent, but that’s not the same thing. Also, a city cannot just “cease to exist” in any context I know of, other than by thermonuclear destruction. So, what this guy Michael Coleman is actually trying to say, eludes me completely.

  3. ““I think all possibilities should be on the table,” San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris tells the media this week. “That includes privatizing services; that includes regionalizing services.””

    See that’s the problem with politicians these days, is that they don’t know how to “think”. They just use the magic word, “Privatize” and all their problems will be solved. Notice I say, “THEIR problems”, NOT “OUR problems”. I know! Let’s just Centralize or “Regionalize” (Since “Centralize” is such a dirty word to the globalists and politicians. It gives a negative connotation.) EVERYTHING!! That will solve all the problems immediately and forever. These are supposed to be the best ideas from the bright guys who graduated from Harvard, Columbia and all of those Ivy league schools. Great! NOT!

  4. Great link, Big M. What caught my attention immediately was the links in the right hand column dealing with the ‘Strawman’ concept, as so few people seem to know about this particular phenomenon. I came across it a couple of years ago, through buying a dvd titled “Redeeming your Strawman”. As I’ve stated before, I’m interested in ALL facets of the NWO, and this is no exception. I then proceeded to buy the book “Redemption Manual 4.5 Edition”. Cost me $115 bucks, but I figured it was worth it if I could ‘redeem my Strawman’ and charge back all my bills to the treasury department, AND have them pay my income taxes too! The redemption process cost $700 bucks, I was ready do do it but when I called them, they said they had to send me a ‘Notice of Changes’. There were five problems listed in that notice of changes, but # 4 was the one that killed it for me. Problem # 4: “We do not want to expose anyone to legal issues. The Treasury Department is now sending these inquiries to their Criminal and Terrorist Threat Division.” I decided I already have a big enough target on my back without having to deal with those people, so I dropped the whole thing.
    Begrudgingly, I have to admit, I almost have to admire them for their ingenuity. I said ALMOST, as I have nothing but loathing for these scum. It’s a brilliant concept, and diabolical at the same time. Thanks for the link.

    1. At this point there is no way we are going to take our country back through any court as was made clear via the threat you got. However if you would like to better understand what rightly belongs to you and what power you have as a US national, here is the technology that is putting its proponents in the most danger.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1024&bih=649&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1 You will be wanting to view the Rod Class videos.

  5. FYI: By the way, there’s a great story posted on BIN titled” Re-Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues”. It’s one of the best I’ve seen there for a while. You may want to consider bringing it over to this site, it should draw a lot of comments.

  6. I like this guy Rod Class. He reminds me of myself 2-3 years ago when I was doing research on similar subjects such as Maritime Jurisdiction and the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), and of course the redemption process. It’s fascinating stuff, but extremely time-consuming, so I moved on to other areas of research.

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