California City Says Black, Sediment-Filled Tap Water is “Safe to Drink”

Anti-Media – by Sydney Barakat

(ANTIMEDIA) Residents in the city of Gardena, California have recently reported a foul-smelling, black sludge coming from their sinks, yet the Golden State Water Company claims that this grotesque “water” is safe to drink. And furthermore, it doesn’t sound like they are doing much to test the tap water for local residents.

Customers even gathered samples of the water for the water company to test, and they still refused to test the samples because they needed “special tubes” to do so.  

Resident Diane Morita had claimed to reporters that the water, which is black in color and has a strange odor, is also filled with sediment and other particles. Morita, who has a dog with cancer and a daughter with skin issues, is afraid of the effects the water may have on her and her family’s health… and we don’t blame her! We wouldn’t put this water in a bird bath, let alone deem it as “safe” for consumption.

Apparently the issue has been going on for months and nothing has been done to fix the water. The Golden State Water Co., has claimed that the water is not harmful and that they perform water tests weekly. Well, would representatives from the water company drink the water themselves? Probably not. Would they let THEIR children drink such filthy water? Probably not.

So here is the number and address of the department that serves the city of Gardena:
Office Location
Southwest CSA
1600 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., #101
Gardena, CA 90247

(310) 767-8200

Call them and ask them if they would drink black sludge for their source of hydration, we’re curious to know.

3 thoughts on “California City Says Black, Sediment-Filled Tap Water is “Safe to Drink”

  1. That happens here too. When it doesnt stink in the next room like bleach because I turn the faucet on in the kitchen. GROSS. I dont wash my but in that water.

  2. have water issues they arn’t talking much about in the Toledo Ohio and lower Michigan area too , all from the algae blooms in Lake Erie.

    been going on for a long time , yet they never tell anyone about it, last summer someone cornered them about it and it became a big issue, but again quickly forgotten , and im sure this summer it will be no different

    even after they “treat” it, i can bet you it isn’t safe to drink, but they will continue to lie about it..or cover up the truth , or worse yet , keep silent about it

    Everyone should know where their water comes from , and whats in it and its source .. the government wont tell you, they will just keep lying about it
    and charging you more and more for something you shouldn’t even be taking into your body

    the algae bloom can do a lot of damage health wise , there is a toxin in the algae bloom that attacks your liver and other health risks associated with it.. and I can bet you big money that 90% of the people in that area are completely unaware that they are drinking it
    Boiling it only concentrates the toxin, most common filters do not get it out either
    there is a process and chemicals used to “purify” the water in this event , and it isn’t told what those chemicals are or what their effects on humans are
    It is a long on going problem that has been getting swept under the rug and not addressed with full disclosure on , and probably never will

    I think some politician (stabinow (sp) not sure) is going after funding for this issue , but they don’t talk about the water they just talk about how they want the tax payers to fund this ,, so don’t trust your “City” water , or your city politicians , because they will both kill you and act like they didn’t even know about it

  3. Let’s sing a song.

    “It never rains in Mexifornia, but girl don’t they warn ya, It pours man it pours.”

    Ay, Yi, Yi, Yiiiiiii!!!

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