8 thoughts on “Cambodia

  1. There you have it, and with this in mind, will you let them take your “Bumpstock”?

    Well I guess, if the Congress makes it law, then sure all the good supporters of NRA, GOA and other Law Abiding Gun rights group will say yes….


  2. Finally! The perfect analogy to what Boss Hoggwash and Co.want to do to us Bill of Rights-abiding citizens (because after all Hoggwash needs more than 15 minutes of fame…or infamy!)

    And while the “Killing Fields” movie is excellent and based on Dith Prahn’s actual experience, the movie you all really need to watch is “S21” at the link below, also based on actual stories of a Khmer Rogue Prison Camp.

  3. I saw this movie in the theatre when it came out with 2 Cambodians who had escaped. The tears were real and not crocodile holyhoax tears, that I can tell you! Not much was said by them afterwards. Just a very somber silence.

  4. Never forget, the Killing Fields is what the Left has planned for us. This our fate if they manage to repeal the 2nd Amendment and confiscate our guns. They want us dead.

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