Can the US be Divided and Conquered?

The world socialist US insurgency, through its propaganda machine, is working fervently to make the issue that will decide the 2012 election anything but this depression we are in, which grows deeper and deeper day by day.

They have tried making the election about religious freedom versus women’s rights through the propaganda blitz for insurance coverage of contraception and abortion.

When this strategy failed miserably, a black on white propaganda blitz was launched in an attempt to divide our country as Trayvon Martin/anti-gun right supporters versus George Zimmerman/Stand Your Ground Laws supporters.  Again the sentiment quickly petered out.

We are now being inundated with a propaganda blitz designed to make the issue one of same sex marriage supporters versus traditional marriage supporters, which also brings religious division back into the equation.  This strategy is designed to serve a dual purpose in that it also seeks to establish the false doctrine that the general election has begun and our choice is now limited to Barack Obama for gay marriage or Mitt Romney opposed.

Other than this, the only difference between Obama and Romney is a slight pigmentation in skin.  They are both anti-gun and pro further export of America’s wealth to other countries around the world.  They both have prostrated themselves before the Israeli government.  And they both are one world socialist elitists.

Ron Paul continues to pick up delegates and might very well win the Republican nomination at the first round of the GOP Convention in August.  Could this be why all the pieces are being put into place for a Middle Eastern invasion, leading into a world war to be topped off with the disarmament by the UN of the American people when we retaliate?

The international socialist movement will not surrender its grip on the United States and her resources without a fight.  They cannot turn back as to do so would spell their annihilation throughout the world.  The very fact that the situation with the Republican delegates is being withheld from all mainstream broadcasts, which are also perpetrating the lie that Dr. Paul has withdrawn from the race, should be causing us all the greatest concern.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.  This thing is coming to a head and something is going to have to give.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Can the US be Divided and Conquered?

  1. I hope those idiots at least grasp the idea that if they even try to disarm the American citizens they will have a revolutionary war on their hands that they cannot and will not win.

  2. The American Revolution has never ended. This is just the next phase and now we are becoming smarter than ever. Soon the financial terrorists and their congressional patsies will be overcome.

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