Governor Paul Lepage Attacks Victims

Republican Governor of Maine, Paul Lepage, is spearheading the latest assault on the victims of the 2008 toxic mortgage meltdown, more commonly known as the depression.  You see Lepage wants the 100 million unemployed to get off their lazy asses and get a job, and to help them do so he wants to end unemployment benefits, food stamps, and SSI.

In attacking those on Social Security Supplemental Insurance, he indicated that many long term unemployed were seeking out this benefit rather than going back to work.  The standard for receiving SSI says a person must be debilitated to the extent that he or she cannot be employed in his or her field in the current job market.

I guess if we wanted to look at this realistically there are 86 million to 100 million unemployed who fit into this category as they cannot be employed because there is no job for them in the job market, thus their disability would come down to being unemployed in a jobs market with no jobs.

These sleazy elitist neo-cons, after having protected and refused to prosecute the perpetrators of the greatest international theft to ever occur on this planet, are now vehemently attacking those whose lives have been destroyed through the actions of their cohorts.  They are now asking the question, “What is the matter with these unemployed people?  Why are they refusing to accept a slave wage for their labor?”

These arrogant bastards are spitting in the faces of 100 million Americans that they have out and out stolen from.  And what sits at the heart of their latest effort?  A further extension of the Bush era tax cut for the top 1%, another $2 trillion of stolen wealth that they will get to keep over the next ten years.  You see they do not quite feel secure yet with the record profits they have been maintaining while our middle class is being destroyed.

They are the job creators who create no jobs except for those in the other countries they have moved our industry to.  They are the entrepreneurs who create no new businesses except in the countries where they have moved our industry to.  They are the industrialists whose only goal is to steal more of our natural raw resources to be manufactured in their plants and factories in other countries.

We know who these people are.  They are up and in our faces 24/7 on the idiot box.  The only question is how they continue to walk our streets unmolested.  It sure as hell is not because they are courageous, as we pay for the Gestapo that stands between us and them.

When we take back our Republic we must punish these despicable parasites with brutality.  Until then we must speak out on the internet and let these cowards know that they are going to face justice for the crimes they have committed against us.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Governor Paul Lepage Attacks Victims

  1. Governor Lepage can go stick his privates in a lobster claw! He looks like the kind of whiny little sissy boy that would be the first one crying “Foul!” if he had to work a real job for one day in his miserable life.

  2. Waterboard this miserable piece of garbage.
    Congress has done more damage to America then all the “terrorists” combined. In league with the BANKERS, Congress looted homes (fraudulent foreclosures), Social Security, pensions, savings(inflation), to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars. Congress and the Bankers KILLED 10’s of THOUSANDS of Americans through loss of medical insurance, family break-ups, and stresses associated with their LOOTING. Congress in league with the Military Industrial Complex has LOOTED the Treasury of TRILLIONS (9/10/2001: Rumsfeld states $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon, 01/30/2012 The Pentagon doesn’t know what happened to more than $100 million in cash held at Saddam Hussein’s palace in Baghdad ) . Congress did not just GIVE American jobs to COMMUNIST China, Congress gave TAX BREAKS to treasonous corporations who sent AMERICAN jobs there. Thus Our technology, experience, and wealth was shipped away.CONGRESS is a greater ENEMY to America then the so-called “terrorists” ever dreamt of being.

    If Guantanamo and Torture are so effective, why are we NOT torturing our FINANCIAL TERRORIST Bankers and Politicians to get some TRUTH out of them? After all, the Al Queda Terrorists destroyed maybe $8 Billion, and murdered about 3,000 Americans. The World Trade Buildings cost the insurance companies $7,000,000,000 … and they had to pay TWICE because Shylock Silverstein got it counted as TWO separate acts.
    “Our” BANKERS have destroyed TRILLIONS of dollars and MURDERED many 10,000s of Americans from lost medical insurance, stolen retirements, increased child abuse, suicidal despair, heart attacks…………… The government has the gall to state that $50,000,000,000 is “EXPECTED to be DEFRAUDED” from the RECOVERY funds. They should go find the FIRST “defrauder” and PUBLICLY HANG him, and any others later. ……If these “esteemed” Politicians who wish to brand American Veterans as terrorists, know HOW to fix the economy ……….. then they knew how it was SUPPOSED to be running as it was LOOTED …….. The American People have lost $14,000,000,000,000+ …….. root these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS out of their cubicles and lofty offices, and send THEM to Guantanamo (Goldman Sachs ….. hint hint hint)
    The BANKERS have done infinitely more damage to the west then any Al-Qeeda inspired plot could ever have hoped to achieve for they have destroyed the economic prospects of whole nations!
    The banks caused the crisis not through greed but through out right fraud, they banked billions in bonuses on the basis of fictitious profits that never existed in reality as losses were hidden off balance sheets. For the truth is there is no free market in banking in europe or even the whole world because what exists today is socialism for the rich, where fictitious tax payer profits are privatised and paid out as bonuses whilst huge losses are nationalised and hidden from the general population by a factor of at least X10 than that reported on, which is why I concluded several years ago that the politicians are virtually ALL corrupt and in the back pockets of the bankster elite whom they funnel tax payer monies.

      1. @Clark Kent You are right, Guantamano is the right place for those who create the crisis to earn money any day the stock exchange goes down.

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