Canadian police begin arresting protesters blocking US-Canada bridge

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Police in Canada have begun arresting protesters blocking the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Canada to Detroit.

“Enforcement actions continue at the demonstration area with arrests being made. Vehicles being towed. Please continue avoiding the area,” the Windsor Police tweeted early Sunday morning. 

“A 27 yr old male was arrested at Huron Church Rd at Millen St. for a criminal offence in relation to the demonstration. Officers will intervene when necessary to ensure the safety of the public & maintain peace & order,” the Windsor Police tweeted late Saturday.

The arrests come after a Canadian judge ordered the protesters to vacate the area on Friday. Windsor Police said Sunday morning they are taking a “zero tolerance” policy toward “illegal activity.”

Only two pickup trucks and less than a dozen protesters blocked the road to the bridge before police moved in. Afterward, police barricades remained and it was not immediately clear when the bridge might be opened.

The Ambassador Bridge, which is the busiest border crossing in North America, was shut down last week as the Canadian truckers protesting their country’s vaccine mandates made it to the Detroit-Windsor border. The protests have built since, causing backups in the Detroit area and Canada.

Protests in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, have also continued this weekend, with more than 4,000 protesters on the scene. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police and Ottawa Police Service joined forces to form a command center to “respond to the current situation in our city.

5 thoughts on “Canadian police begin arresting protesters blocking US-Canada bridge

  1. Army Major Stephen Chledowski thanks for the valuable information but without acting on your words it’s a waste of time. Please in the name of Queen Elizabeth II arrest J Trudeau, all the Provincial Premiers, mayors, police that have taken part in violating the people rights. It’s your duty and obligation to arrest Trudeau, and all provincial premiers and police that have enforced the covid-19 restricitions.

    1. In the name of Queen Elizabeth II?
      Who do you think is ordering these violations of your rights?
      Remember when your French speaking people voted their premier out of office and that fat little bitch sitting on the British throne came to Canada and said no? The people said yes, that f-king little monarch said no, and by God it was no. You people need to get rid of your monarchs. Every monarchy needs to be completely destroyed, otherwise you remain subject to that monarchy.

  2. Many people and I love Major Stephen Chledowski for exposing the crimes committed by Trudeau and most provincial premiers and police. But the people and Stephen Chledowski may not realize that the soldier’s duty is not only to defend and protect the Canadian people from foreign invaders by economic and physical means but the army also has the duty and obligation to defend the Canadian people from enemies within Canada; namely: J. Trudeau, the provincial premiers, and police that have violated the most fundamental laws of Canada. Trudeau and all provincial premiers and police have subjected the people to genocide because they have been deceived to believe that the vaccine would protect them. In fact it has been well documented that the so-called vaccines are nothing but poison. Therefore J. Trudeau and all provincial premiers have violated the highest law of the land because they committed genocide as such they are the enemies of the Canadian people as accurately exposed by Major Stephen Chledowski. I have written several comments urging Major Stephen Chledowski to arrest Trudeau and all provincial premiers for inter alia; crimes which Major Stephen Chledowski has accurately exposed; crimes of Genocide, treason financial and economic terrorism. Major Stephen Chledowski is well cognizant that Trudeau has committed crimes of genocide, treason, financial and economic terrorism, but Major Stephen Chledowski fails to uphold his Oath of Allegiance to first educate the General Wayne Eyre that he must arrest J. Trudeau. Failure of the General Wayne Eyre or Major Stephen Chledowski to arrest J. Trueau and the provincial premiers and police who have obeyed orders in enforcing the Covid-19 restrictions, both Major Stephen Chledowski and General Wayne Eyre would be guilty of violating the highest law of the land by committing; treason, genocide, economic and financial terrorism. When you don’t oppose with force you condone an those who have the power to stop a crime and does not they are just as guilty as those who have committed the crimes in the first place. So they are accomplices in the crimes with J. Trudeau and the provincial premiers. In my several comments on this YouTube I have urged Major Stephen Chledowski to arrest J Trudeau. Failure of the General Wayne Eyre or Stephen to arrest J. Trudeau and the provincial premiers and police as I indicated then Major Stephen Chledowski has the duty and obligation to arrest General Wayne Eyre and J. Trudeau and the provincial premiers and police. If Major Stephen Chledowski does not arrest General Wayne Eyre then it’s the duty of the people to arrest Major Stephen Chledowski and Wayne Eyre for refusing to defend the Canadian people from crimes committed by J. Trudeau and all the provincial premiers and police.

  3. I just arrived home and saw it all happen. I spoke with a police officer parked comfortably in his car, as I climbed over a big pile of snow to talk to him. At least he was not wearing a face diaper. I told him it was good to see his face. Anyway, I asked him why the police aren’t arresting the real criminals? We have every right to be right here, where we are, even if it means blocking the bridge. Why aren’t you guys going after the real criminals who are forcing poison into peoples’ bodies? He said “you seem like a nice lady… then he spouted some lies about what happened in Ottawa, and that they don’t want it to escalate here, blah-blah-blah… something about crimes being committed, etc… I told him, this is about upholding our law and our rights. Why are you allowing those guys over there, to violate our rights? Look at what they are doing over there. If you care about our law, why are you not arresting the real criminals? He just shrugged and said, I feel for ya. Just doing my job to help prevent this from escalating. I said to him, maybe you should tell Doug Ford that. I handed out 50 more cards and wrote the web address on one of the signs. Also I got it into some of the live recordings being made by the ones who sounded a lot like Henry. One of the men I talked to said, if we don’t win this we’re f****d. I have a feeling more and more ears will be tuned in to the Trenches as the word spreads from here.

    By the way, I asked one of the men I talked to about guns in Canada and do we have them, after saying the Americans are heavily armed. He said, oh yes! We have all kinds of guns. The farmers will use them to protect anyone who goes to them for shelter.

    Hopefully, the closet gun owners will come out and in a surprise move, turn this shit around. It is past time, and maybe already too late, but I hope not. Some of the people I talked to said this is far from over.

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