How irrationally foolish I would be
to place my faith in Hillary
when madness of empire
eggs her on
and world is sung a dying song
of money, weapons and devious sex
the boot pushed harder to our necks
and all the while a tv tale
tells of hope and dignity  

And Donald with his woman ways
his corporate heart and billionaire days
wants to tell me he knows the moves
to make our very lives improve
to end the dark of struggle and strife
and give the people a better life
he tells me this as his grand yacht drifts
over everything gone amiss

And in the mix, my blessed freedom
washed up, abandoned, reaching for room
my rights, waiting on the edge of oppression
Is liberty coming any time soon?
These are the jewels, the pearls of great price
No candidate has yet delivered
Still we seek the sweetened life
Where songs of love are softly whispered


4 thoughts on “Candidate

  1. Great poem. I especially like thee lines-
    “he tells me this as his grand yacht drifts
    over everything gone amiss”

      1. My intent was not to challenge anyone, but to bring forth the beauty of the Bill of Rights and other such facts. It’s truly surprising to me that some people just don’t care to know, but I’m a bit wiser from yesterdays conversation.

        Anyway, onward and upward.

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