Capitol Police: Staffer arrested with loaded gun

The Hill – by Tim Devaney

A Marine arrested Tuesday for allegedly bringing a loaded gun onto Capitol grounds is a “hero” who was wounded in combat, said the congressman to whom he is assigned.

Capitol Police arrested Peter James Boby, an active-duty Marine who works for Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), after authorities found a loaded .45-caliber handgun in his vehicle during a routine security screening, a police spokeswoman confirmed.  

Boby is a gunnery sergeant who is assigned to Hunter as a congressional defense fellow, according to the Marine Corps. The congressman called him a “top-notch performer.”

Hunter called the incident an accident and suggested his fellow lawmakers were never in danger.

“He’s a hero who’s seen combat, who’s been wounded and who’s been in good standing with the Marine Corps throughout,” Hunter said in a statement to The Hill. “We are still getting the facts, but this was most likely an accident. There is no reason to suggest it was intentional.”

Boby, a member of the Marine Corps special operations command, served in Afghanistan, where he was wounded by an IED, as well as Iraq, according to Hunter’s office.

He was arrested outside the Cannon House Office Building around 2 p.m. He is charged with carrying a pistol without a license, carrying an unregistered firearm and carrying unregistered ammunition.

4 thoughts on “Capitol Police: Staffer arrested with loaded gun

  1. A congerssional defense fellow?? When did the Corps start issuing CONgress SOC Marines for protection?

  2. Just recently a detachment from the new Marine Raider’s was arrested in Austria when they attempted to board a plane for the Ukraine, with all their weapons, ammo, and gear with them. It’s against international law and Austrian Law to carry or have weapons and ammunition on civilian flights, and also all across Europe and America. This team of 25 or so Marines belonging to the new Marine Raiders, have been under surveillance for a year by Interpol and other agencies, they are called the “Jesus Killers”, for the reason they have been used to assassinate “Christian leaders” in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. The apparent missions of this “team” is to kill Christian pastors and priests in different places thus causing “planned” chaos, blaming it on others for reason’s to facilitate regime change and other political intent for the CIA and Obama’s government.

    Also,. these last ten years or more, the Marines, Army, Air force and Navy have been enlisting Muslims, Atheists, Deviates, Cultists, Cartel Members, Marxists, Homosexuals, Lesbians, and the likes. The DOJ just made law that “beastiality” will no longer be a problem in the military nor homosexuality of any aggressive type. All this for Obama to destroy the moral and effectiveness of the military and to set up a Muslim/Marxist/Atheist hierarchy in military leadership, along with his retiring or framing high officers, those who have indicated they would not shoot American’s in the event of Martial Law.

    So, we have a military more and more becoming a Sodom and Gomorrah, filled with deviates and in essence enemies of civilized peoples. At the same time the Cartels are sending men into the military to get trained for later advantage of the Cartel, like they did in Mexico. Now, we hear the Muslims and Russians are pouring into Mexico and aligning, training and being trained for future deployment or attacks on America.

    One has to open their eyes and mind and take in the “grand scheme” that Obama is now successfully implementing towards America’s demise.

    So, Gunny, you have to follow the laws like everyone else and what are you doing in the employ of a Politician while on active duty???

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