17 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Hey… I no that guy…

    He mows my lawn and sells me liquor at the store.

    Yeahhh…that’z a pretty good Halloween hindu outfit he puts on.

    Butt I’m not falling for this fake bllsht anymore.

    I have a solution. ..
    I’m just going start drinking the gas in my cars.

    It’s cheaper and I don’t have2 wait as long to throw up.

      1. Your absolutely right…DL..

        When I say…

        I’ve got gas …and I feel like my azz is going to x plode.

        I really mean it…

        Plus I’m a smoker.

  2. In a nerdy voice…” I’m a Chaotic Half-Elf from the land of Alustra and I’m holding my +12 magical Banner of Righteous Indignity that was blessed by a cleric which makes me immune to all of your bullets.”

  3. Oh… and another drunken comment.

    Complete lee of topic.


    Can u pleazzzz have your ad sponsors get rid of that fkng btch Hillary glaring at me..?

    I do njoy the hot babes though.

    Thank god we don’t have 2 look at that nappy headed photoshopped jew with muscles.

    Butt Hillary has to fkng go.

      1. Stop… it.
        You’re giving me a soft on.
        Man… you people have gone wild today.

        Well I have a new video for every 1.

        It’s called …

        Drum rollz plzzzzz

        Trenchers Gone Wild.

  4. “And when we come to far west Texas, we’ll wear green as camo with all the trees we’ll be hugging, or white if it’s 100 degree summer.”

    DL. response: “You better wear brown. Mountain lions will think you guys are bears and leave you alone. Oh wait…”

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