13 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. ” jew” is a contrived term used to elicit an emotional response on extreme ends of the human emotional spectrum. No response neccessary.

  2. Well, since “meathead” has already been chosen…

    How about this:

    “…Says Rob Reiner, who thinks Jews are the ONLY people in the world!–since the goyim are not human.”

    1. Then please explain why Israel has an average I.Q. of 90., and their inbreeding has caused Jews to suffer twice the number of birth defects as the rest of the world’s populations.

  3. Crooked. Con men. Smart like rats, they hang low when spotted, and sneak out when no one is looking.
    Like my old buddy Jim said: “They get it by wait, they wait til you aint lookin”.

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