8 thoughts on “Captions anyone?

  1. Your father had it 90% right. Too bad he let us down on 9/11. Well, just like myself, he probably wanted to live.

    Hey, I like your hair.

  2. Don’t worry Rand, we gonna surpass that damn Obama on the number of Golf games we can play while being President, I think the bet is….$1.00 Ha, Ha, Ha, Harrrr….!

  3. Taking Israeli medication is not for everybody. Ask your local doctor if taking Israeli medication is right for you.

    Side effects may include pathological lying, foaming at the mouth, warmongering, and a deep desire to please people of Khazarian descent.

  4. We is gonna have a “Deliverance” moment tonight, Rand. You wanna be the pig this time?

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