Car Flying Off Icy Overpass – Caught On Video

Published on Jan 7, 2014 by Extremum Spiritum

MINNESOTA (KTVI) — Traffic officials in Minnesota posted this video of a car driving too fast on an overpass. The car slides off the overpass, goes airborne and slides down an embankment.
The drivier walked away with only minor injuries.
The text below the video says, “This is why we’re urging people to slow down, pay attention and watch out for icy bridges and ramps.”…

5 thoughts on “Car Flying Off Icy Overpass – Caught On Video

  1. Yea this guy was lucky to be alive. Especially when it was so bitterly cold out. People have got to start slowing down and start useing their heads if thatis even possible these days any more.

  2. One more reason I hate snow.

    The black ice in Michigan was the scariest road condition I’ve ever come across anywhere.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    How freakin cool was that!!!

    Look!,.. up in the sky!,.. it’s a bird!,.. it”s a plane!,… no!,.. wait!,… It’s a Chevy!!

    This driver just did his own imitation of what the American economy is about to do!!!

    JD – US Marine – How much you want to bet this person was texting while driving?

  4. Sarcasm on.
    It is the States fault for not maintaining in all weather conditions a safe road surface so drivers can maintain the state posted speed limit. OR, The speed limit is not just maximum speed it is also minimum speed. The State is at fault and not the driver. Sarcasm off.

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