AmmoMan: Attention New York Shooters!

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Fighting the NY SAFE Act

It has been a pleasure serving New York shooters here at for the past decade. We’re sorry to report January 14 will be our last day accepting orders from New York customers. We will be forced to stop shipping directly to our New York shooters because of the New York SAFE ACT. At that point, the government will require face-to-face ammunition transactions, background checks, and a number of other intrusive steps.  

Starting Monday, January 6 and running through Tuesday, January 14th we will be donating 2-percent of all New York sales to the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

The NYSRPA has done an admirable job fighting for the rights of New York shooters thus far with a number of lawsuits filed in the state and the promise of a continued fight until victory.

Thank You Shooters! Donation Total Through 1-9-14: $1,043.58

One thought on “AmmoMan: Attention New York Shooters!

  1. Yes, instead of fighting along side the NY’ers, you just pack up your bags and leave them behind.

    GOOD JOB! How patriotic of you.

    Oh wait, you are donating proceeds to an association. Isn’t that the same as giving your money away and doing nothing? How come you aren’t suing the government? How come you aren’t out there advertising to stop it all?

    So is this your answer for every state then in the future? Just donate the proceeds to a state association and then leave? FIGHT BACK, YOU IDIOTS!!

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