Car Tire Smashes Through Windshield

Published on Jan 14, 2015 by Andrew Sukhdeo

I was driving Westbound on the 401 approaching Salem Road on Tuesday Jan 13th 2015 when a tire flew over the median and smashed into my car.

You can see the white car (heading eastbound) skid off to the shoulder at around 10 seconds.

I’m lucky to be alive.

The time stamp on the video is incorrect.

3 thoughts on “Car Tire Smashes Through Windshield

  1. I had a flywheel do that. Fell off a flatbed semi on the highway, floated like a leaf in the air while I thought, “what is that”, then Bam!, through the windshield like a bullet.

  2. That’s exactly why I avoid driving behind SUVs, trucks, vans, or anything I can’t see in front of through their windshield.

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