Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage At Ted Cruz Rally

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The Ted Cruz Hoosier Disaster Follies just won’t stop. Ted and Heidi continue waving to the crowd and shaking hands after Fallerina falls off the stage. Ted looks at her like she’s a stray animal, and flashes that winning smile.

Extremely Presidential behavior from our Canadian Senator.



11 thoughts on “Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage At Ted Cruz Rally

  1. “I, Carly (ugly as a mud fence) Fiorina, officially step down!” “There won’t be any more mirrors broke as I end my candidacy!”

  2. Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life , but it is how to be a politician

    what I saw that was hilarious ,, no one even noticed she dropped out from the audience, or from the Cruz family

  3. The Cruzs’ lack of empathy here is par for the course for self-centered Politicians and yet, should be shocking to those of us who still believe in good manners and courtesy to our fellow woman/man.


    And I thought I was clumsy.

    Does anyone else think this woman looks like a Nancy Pelosi look-alike?

    Notice how Ted Cruz does absolutely NOTHING and continues moving and shaking hands as though nothing happened. How very empathetic of him.

    If that was a Jew, I’m sure he would not hesitate and be the first to help that person up. After all, “If you aren’t for the Jews, you aren’t American”, right Teddy?

  5. Yeah, agreed, what a slimey piece of $hit Ted Cruz is. To be honest, I cannot imagine any of the candidates as POTUS.

    Hillary would fit right in as President of the Rug Munchers, Trump’s the “Richie Rich” President, Cruz would be an excellent President, in any Latin American country, but he’d be a slimeball with sweaty hands and burrito breath, licking his balls in front of everyone like a god-damned dog as POTUS. A “beaner” in the White House, no worse then a nigger, I guess. The position of POTUS has been so besmirched, there’s no honor left in it. Hasn’t been for quite some time, since about 1963. Now we have glorified office clerks vying for the spot, each with their own agenda.

    Hillary, we all know her goal, to rule the world from a throne, Sanders, they’re preparing a room at the “Shady Rest” Retirement home for him, Cruz, his plan is to stink like a “beaner” and erase our southern border for his stench emanating buddies to walk across by the thousands “for a better life”, to rape and pillage a community near you. The other guy, who cares?

    Where’s Pat Paulson when we need him?!!!!

    1. We can only hope she landed face first, any change to that train wreck of a face would be an improvement. I mean, damn she’s “butt ugly”, or is it just me. I believe she’s left thousands of broken mirrors in her wake.

      1. She’s no beauty queen, but I don’t think she’s THAT ugly. I’d call her average, but to each his own.

        That’s on the outside, mind you. On the inside, she’s probably uglier than the Devil’s butthole.

  6. LoL.
    Leading the way for the handi-capable.
    Cruzifer just smiles and keeps on shaking hands.

    (No offense meant to any handicapped people out there)
    Now that I think about it, any handicapped folks out there probably don’t want her either.

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