Cartoon Explains Microwave Mind Control and Targeted Individuals to Kids

Truthstream Media – by Melissa Dykes

Revelation of the method and predictive programming always show up together in a nifty little package, don’t they?

This plot line was tucked into a May 2013 episode of Pokémon rated Y7…

8 thoughts on “Cartoon Explains Microwave Mind Control and Targeted Individuals to Kids

  1. I pretty much lost my grand baby because I wouldn’t let her watch hanna montana. Where is the hm scank now? Dancing with the devil!

    1. I am sorry, Misty. Our children/grandchildren are the casualties we mourn the most but harden our steel to the hottest fire. Keep on keepin on please.

    2. Misty, did you ever catch the “skanky” Hanna Montana cartoons? OMG! So skanky even the cartoonists couldn’t ignore the “skankyness” of what a “skank” she is. And Billy Ray Cyrus, he reminds me of that Vince V’s character in Quentin Taranantino’s “Kill Bill”. It is unfathomable that the song will remain the same. “Achey Breakey Heart” one hit wonder, POS! Skankyness is a virtue today, money, money, money, Money……… MONEY!

  2. EMF, if you use any electronic device, you’re gettin’ a dose depending upon what your using. Your gettin’ some reading this. Welcome to the digital, EMF world. Of course, no adverse health effects, it’s too wonderful! “That thought control medicine tastes great, can I have some more?” Bill Clinton will tell you where is is. Rand Paul can go the way of “No, I’m Not reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’, dammit!”, Marco Rubio will tell you time and time again, Ted Cruz may as well take a cruise, John (the other guy) is in their to position himself to sway votes for whoever he’s ordered to do so. Trump, you watch, there’s still room for him to say one outrageous statement too much, and he gets bitch slapped, which, by the way, is what the Republican party is attempting to do with Trump right now.

    Meanwhile, sitting on that hot rock in hell, on the right hand of Satan himself, leans Hillary, begging for more Satanic power. Blood of children already feasted upon at Bohemian Grove, she’s been anointed.

  3. If microwave mind control exists, it sure as hell isn’t working on me…

    Seriously, though: We have enough real problems to worry about without inventing new ones. Assuming without evidence that government has all this incredible technology that gives them godlike powers is a form of defeatism. Unless someone can explain to me the scientific basis by which remote mind control works, it’s a myth, and I’m going to keep focusing on the dangers that are KNOWN to exist.

    1. Mind control is one thing, mind manipulation, a whole other matter is what they’ve mastered. There’s so much hypnotic induction in TV programing these days, if you watch any, you can’t avoid it. I’m not a conspiracy buff, I review reports of crazy shit, and crazy shit will always be present in our prison mentality. TV overwhelmingly jams “Law and Order” down our throats, and let’s not forget “Law and Order, Special Vagina Unit.” CSI, Crime Scene Investigation, what, you didn’t read the neat logo on my commie jacket? NCIS, COPS, America’s “Most Wanted”, punks, mommy boys, can take their fake war on whatever it is this week and shove it. It’s in your face, it ain’t goin’ away.
      Just mind your own beeswax but be there if shit goes down. At that point, you’ll know what to do, be smart, if you got family to protect, which most will, you know what happens when SWAT busts your door down. Better be half way to the pre-planned meeting spot, away from the house, of course, long rifles and pistols would have been within an arm’s reach upon leaving.

      I will defend my homestead, to the very last. But contingency plans
      should be discussed.

      Buy more bullets, non–perishable food, water containers/ purification, chop wood, carry water, once they turn off the spicket, you’ll be dry and not high. And paper money, forgetaboutit!

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