CCL Holder Shoots Robbery Suspect in WI

Fatal shooting near 32nd and HamptonGuns Save Lives – by Sam Cadle

Milwaukee, WI – Information from a source tells me that this shooting was a self defense shooting that took place.  It is believed that this was a robbery that turned into a defensive gun use and the shooter is a Wisconsin CCL holder.  Currently news sources are stating that the shooter is in custody and the suspect is deceased.  


I am now getting information that this was a customer that was indeed a CCL holder.  The suspect came into a barber shop and was patting down customers to rob them.  The CCL holder drew his pistol and fired, killing the suspect.

Not much other information is available on this, will update this post when there is more available.

Here is some info from Fox6:

Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened at a business near 32nd and Hampton on Friday afternoon, January 9th.

Police were dispatched to the scene around 12:30 p.m. — and found an adult male had been fatally shot. The victim has yet to be positively identified.

Police say the shooter is in custody — and no other suspects are being sought.

WISN Reporting:

A robber was shot and killed at a Milwaukee barbershop Friday afternoon.

It happened about 12:30 p.m. near 31st Street and Cameron Avenue.

Milwaukee police told WISN 12 News the robber started patting down customers when one of them, who was a concealed carry holder, pulled out their gun and shot the man.

The dead man has not been identified.

The shooter is in police custody. It’s not known if charges will be filed.

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  1. See,
    the cops only need to do the paperwork. The citizens can handle this shit. Call the morgue not the ambulance. Save!!! lol

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