3 thoughts on “CDC says the “VACCINATED” are more likely to catch the FAKE new variant of “covid”.

  1. how can she go that far and STILL not connect the dots? it’s so obvious the shot IS the virus!! but she just couldn’t bring herself to say it.. she knows right!? .. you can’t kick over a rock and release a virus. viruses are man made. the CDC doesn’t fight viruses they create them and stockpile them and put them in injecting type bugs and animals. the only way to get a virus is to be injected.. unfortunately that includes Ticks Mosquitoes Wasps maybe Scorpions and the like.. Gates isn’t releasing mosquitoes to kill mosquitoes!!

    1. When the people finally get around to it, how about we lock him inside his mosquito breeding chambers and unleash those mosquitoes on him!?

      By the way, there IS NO VARIANT! No original, therefore, no variant. Done! End of story! Mike, I know you know that. 🙂

      The new variant is BS 24-7

  2. “The new variant is BS 24-7”


    And ahh yes, from good ol’ Stew Peters from the “Alternative Media”. He must be one of us right? Twitter is infested with these… people!

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