Censored: Chuck Hagel SNL Skit, Israel Love Fest…Hilarious

[Warning: Adult content]

Published on Feb 10, 2013 – by ttj1776

This clip was shot but never aired.

Censored: Chuck Hagel Saturday NL Skit, Israel Love Fest…Hilarious

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9 thoughts on “Censored: Chuck Hagel SNL Skit, Israel Love Fest…Hilarious

  1. It saddens me to say that this is almost how it is. Our selected servants hit their knees daily to lick the boots of this devilish imposter nation even though they KILLED THE SON OF GOD and have spied on us bombed our ships dragged us into many wars, fk isntreal, I wish they would be removed from the pages of history they are evil evil evil.It is beyond me to understand how so-called christians could be in bed with these serpents.

    1. The dispensationalist fundie churches are so busy pushing their un-Christian Scofield Bible apostasy that you’re lucky to hear the word “Jesus” — ever. They’re too preoccupied with their homophobia, Muslim-hate, anti-abortion misogynism, Israel idolatry, war-mongering, and Democrat-bashing to give any attention to all that New Testament Jesus love thy neighbor turn the other cheek blessed are the peacemakers crap. These self-hating Christian-Zionists are practicing Talmudic Judiasm.

      1. Just so you know Eddie- God and his Son called QUEERS an ABOMINATION AND ALSO WARNED ABOUT murdering children(abortion is MURDER) AND WHY would anyone with a lick of sense go into their devilish 501c gubberment “churches” anyway

    1. LOL!!! Hoping everyone remembers the banned SNL skit concerning the housing crisis – bank meltdown from 5-6 years back. Bush, Pelosi, Soros, Frank – hilarious. It has all but been erased from the web.

  2. Gosh I guess this being aired would have created some issues for who? It’s bold and funny if you follow the political process here in the US.

    But, it is close to reality and criticizing – indirectly – the policies and influence of Israel on our national policy – is a “sensitive” issue. I’d love to know the back story on why this was never aired. The mere fact that it was “leaked” to social media means someone felt they were censored. Not just a creative decision – but censored.

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