CFR Boss Haass Asked About “New World Order”

The New American – by Alex Newman

During a live webinar with state lawmakers and even governors discussing state and local policy issues, President Richard Haass of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations was confronted by a questioner about his controversial organization’s apparent agenda to merge the United States into a one-world system. Advocates of the agenda in high places frequently refer to their goal as a “New World Order.”

Despite his fake smile, it was obvious Haass was not amused. He responded to the question with bumbling and deception. First, he denied — falsely — that the CFR was, in fact, seeking to subvert the independence of the United States. Then, he proceeded to peddle globalism as the solution to alleged global crises such as “climate change” and “terrorism.”

The interruption dropped into the webinar like a truth torpedo into a sea of lies. “Some would say the Council on Foreign Relations has been made up of architects of the New World Order, especially since the founder of the Council was Edward Mandell House, a man who was very proud of his plan to convert America into a one-world socialist state or a socialist state under the one-world order,” began the questioner, John Birch Society Executive Field Coordinator Evan Mulch of South Carolina. “This is very well understood if you read the book Shadows of Power by James Perloff.”

Then came the questions. “Richard Haass, what are your thoughts on that?” asked Mulch, who accessed the live webinar with the CFR chief through his state senator. “Do you think that the Council on Foreign Relations has been an organization made up of architects to form a New World Order and to get rid of the sovereignty of the United States of America?” While paying lip service to sovereignty, Haass promptly went on to argue against it.

Of course, Mulch and Perloff are not the first to expose the CFR’s globalist agenda. U.S. Admiral Chester Ward, who served as U.S. Navy judge advocate general, spent 16 years in the elitist group before defecting and blowing the whistle. His testimony about the organization’s subversive agenda after leaving was clear.

“The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government,” Admiral Ward warned in the book Kissinger on the Couch, co-authored with legendary patriot Phyllis Schlafly.

“This lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership,” Ward continued in his blistering comments exposing the organization he was involved with for some two decades. “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First’.”

The CFR itself has revealed its agenda publicly for decades, too. In April 1974, for example, Richard Gardner, former deputy assistant secretary of state, explained in CFR mouthpiece Foreign Affairs how the agenda for world government would be pursued. “In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down,” Gardner wrote. “An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.”

Because Haass is accustomed to globalists and policymakers fawning over him, the question asked by Mulch on the webinar clearly took him by surprise. With a bizarre and clearly contrived smile from ear to ear, he began to answer the question interspersed with “uh” dozens of times. “Short answer is, uh, no,” Haass said, contradicting countless statements from CFR members and publications.

“A slightly longer answer is the Council on Foreign Relations — we are by the way celebrating our 100th year this year — we were formed uh, by a bunch of largely Northeastern-based businessmen and lawyers in the aftermath of World War I,” continued Haass. “Their agenda was to see that the United States, uh, did not slip into, uh, isolationism. They wanted the, the United States, uh, to join the then, uh, being formed League of Nations, obviously failed, President Wilson failed.”

Haass then went into the standard rehearsed talking points about the CFR regurgitated by CFR-affiliated media outlets and “journalists” across the United States. “Over the last hundred years the Council has evolved significantly,” he said. “It’s a national membership organization with about 5,000 members. It doesn’t accept any money from this or any other government. It is genuinely non-partisan, we have members from multiple political parties, Democrat, Republican, alike, as well as people who are independents or unaffiliated.”

After downplaying the significance of the CFR as if it were a mere “think tank” that publishes a magazine and produces educational materials, Haass claimed the CFR does not have institutional positions on issues, even though he has his own “personalish position on just about every issue.” He also boasted that the group is increasingly involved in “educating” high-school seniors and college students.

Of course, Haass did not mention the relatively recent video where then-Vice President Joe Biden “joked” about working for Haass. Nor did he mention then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitting that the CFR tells her what she should be doing and how she should be thinking about the future. Nor did he allude to the fact that top RINO Republicans are just as wedded to the CFR’s anti-American agenda.

On the issue of national sovereignty, Haass again tried to deceive state policymakers about the CFR’s true objectives. “I think American sovereignty is, uh, factual, I think sovereignty, the emergence of sovereignty in the 17th century, was well, it was a great innovation,” the CFR chief said, as if nations and peoples did not govern themselves prior to the Treaty of Westphalia. “One of the reasons that there’s been a degree or modicum of order in the world over the last few hundred years despite two world wars is because of sovereignty.”

Haass continued by claiming he believed sovereignty was a “really healthy thing” and that it gives countries “great latitude to conduct themselves as they wish within their own borders.” With no trace of irony, he went on to claim that the concept of sovereignty had led countries to respect borders, even as CFR members from both parties work fiendishly to blur and abolish borders worldwide through mass migration and regional orders such as the European Union, the African Union, the Eurasian Union, and the increasingly integrated North American continent masquerading as “free trade” deals.

On this front, the CFR has long loathed the JBS. The late Professor Robert Pastor, a CFR operative often described as the “Father of the North American Union,” served as a member of the CFR task force promoting a continental regime to usurp the sovereignty of Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans. Before he died, though, Pastor wrote a book in which he credited the Eagle Forum and The John Birch Society, an affiliate of this magazine and Mulch’s employer, for having derailed his radical dream of a European Union-style leviathan to rule over North America.

After all that lip service paid to sovereignty, Haass then proceeded to make his case for globalism. “When you people raise questions of New World Order, I would simply say — and it gets at what I was talking about before — I think there’s an interesting question out there at this moment in history,” he argued. “We have things like infectious disease that’s allowed, created conditions, where nearly two million people around the world have died, nearly one-fourth of them in our own country.”

Haass continued, blabbering on about alleged man-made “climate change,” alleged Russian “hacking,” and more. “We have global, uh, terrorism,” he added, omitting the key role of the CFR members in supporting the Islamist terrorists wreaking havoc across the Middle East and beyond. “We have a North Korea with a growing number of nuclear weapons and missiles that can bring those nuclear weapons here.”

And apparently, the only solution to those problems created and imagined by the CFR is world government. “So the question I have is, how do we manage these threats in the world, and we can’t manage them by ourselves,” Haass said. “So to me, one of the challenges to the United States is how do we collaborate, coordinate with others, principally our partners and allies in Europe and Asia but potentially elsewhere, to deal with these global challenges that don’t respect borders.”

Indeed, globalism is inevitable, he argued. “That’s a fact of life and the question is can we develop new arrangements that are better able to contend with these challenges that don’t respect borders, including things like viruses, be they computer viruses or physical viruses,” Haass continued, saying it would be America’s “sovereign choice” whether to not to submit to these global schemes. “So I would think that’s very much in our interest…. I think on balance we would be better served depending on the details of the efforts to, to participate in them.”

In follow-up comments to The New American, Mulch said he wanted to cite the book that helped motivate him to become a “Bircher.” “I wasn’t surprised when Richard didn’t mention the book Shadows of Power in his reply to me,” he said. “More of our Birch members need to reach out to their state representatives and state senators to see if they can act as their district’s participant during these Council on Foreign Relations Town Hall meetings. We all need to be asking tough questions and my hope is that soon the Council on Foreign Relations leadership will realize that too many of their participants have read our book Shadows of Power and are likely members of The John Birch Society.”

Noting that he has made it a habit for nearly a decade to ask tough questions at political events, Mulch said it was important for other Americans to consider doing it as well. “One question can awaken the entire crowd,” the JBS coordinator said, adding that large numbers of young adults like him are emerging all over America willing to take on the establishment in defense of their liberty and the nation they love. “I still think the question I asked Richard Haass is just the beginning of the tough questions I’m going to ask in my lifetime.”

With the CFR now working overtime to bring state and local officials onboard with their agenda, it is more important than ever for patriots to be active at the local level and push back against the slick globalist propaganda. The New American has spoken with numerous lawmakers across America, including many who are members of JBS, about the growing CFR overtures toward state officials. If America is going to survive as a free and independent nation, it will be up to concerned patriots to push back on the globalist Deep State elites at every level. Time is short.

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