19 thoughts on “Check out the dress

      1. 😉 I caught it right away, mary. Just didn’t know what to say, other than “OMG!”. LOL
        (You’d have to be of “a certain age” to remember “Rosemary’s Baby”. It was released in 1968.)

          1. Hey, #1! 😀
            Woody Allen and Mia Farrow never got married (lived together from 1979-92, had a kid and adopted a bunch but never married). She only married Frank Sinatra and Andre Previn.

          1. Agreed, mary.

            Knew it for what is was immediately, and I’ve never even seen the movie.

        1. That’s # 6 in line for the throne she’s holding, Katie, if I remember rightly.

          Kate Middleton is mom.

          1. #1, thank you. That’s what I figured, but since I don’t run in the same circles I don’t keep track of who’s who.

          1. Oh…. now it all makes sense.

            A family heirloom of devil worshiping baby killers.

  1. Good eye and memory…..I remember the Rosemary’s Baby movie poster when I was a very young child, A baby carriage atop a mountain or cliff. Haunting symbolism.

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