Chemtrail stamps from 2003 show geoengineering

Chemtrail Forecast

Rewind to 2003. The United States postal service released a series of “cloudscapes” stamps. These stamps depicted “new” clouds with “new” names.

Why would the quasi-government postal service issue these stamps?  Who knew years ahead of time that artificial chemtrail cloud hazes would become so common globally?  

Clearly some of these stamps depict artificial cloud formations consistent with geoengineering aerosol campaigns.  These stamps were designed to imprint the subconscious that chemtrail cloud formations are perfectly natural alongside the media that constantly shows geoengineered skies in the background.

5 thoughts on “Chemtrail stamps from 2003 show geoengineering

  1. Im sorry but I dont see a single one that “depict artificial cloud formations”. There are ones that are far less common in some parts of the country.

    I dont see a single persistent con-trail.

      1. Then clearly, you don’t know clouds…. or maybe you aren’t old enough to remember REAL clouds.

        I wish more people were AWARE of this…..

        Its global poisoning of air, land and sea… and every breathing, living thing on the planet.

        The longer it goes on, the more centuries required to repair the damage…

        It seems humans are not content with being the only race on Earth that kill its own species for sport….

        We are making sure we take everyone and everything that lives WITH US when we go extinct.

        That’s YOUR children, your families, your pets, your food, your water…

        When the hell are we going to stop the insanity?

      2. chemtrail cloud FORMATIONS…..

        not your typical Chem Trails…..

        They are NOT contrails….
        contrails disappear within 30-45 SECONDS

        Geo-engineering, and Chemtrails remain for hours and hours, releasing toxic amounts of chemicals and such, AIRBORNE, for all living things to breathe….to be absorbed into the land, soil, oceans, seas, reservoir’s… think ‘food and water’.

        Can you say “RESPIRATORY DISEASE?”

        That’s just the short term…..

        It’s long term, slow death, chock full of illnesses and disease in between.

        Think about it. Learn about it. Help to STOP it.

  2. “These stamps were designed to imprint the subconscious that chemtrail cloud formations are perfectly natural…” IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING.

    for more than 15 years I have been watching this disgusting act of poisoning the land, air, and sea… GLOBALLY…..I’ve seen it in other countries, as well.

    I point it out to others, and I pay attention to the “good, and bad” days for BREATHING.

    Something is seriously wrong with the human race.

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