6 thoughts on “Chemtrailing the hell out of us this morning

  1. Join the club. They have been doing it here in central Florida for the last 10 weeks very heavy. There is never a deep blue sky anymore it always looks washed out. Mite get 1 hour in a day when there is a open spot then the jets come and spray it closed. If you go out at night with a light/ laser and point it in the air it looks like very fine gray dust flouting around. The laser really makes the air sparkle. My friend up in Indiana said it been that way there to. He said take a black light out and you can really see the sh.. In the air. ((Highly Toxic Climate Engineering Fallout))

  2. They’ve left us alone for the last 2 days, probably because we’ve had high winds (Riverside), and they don’t seem to care for that.

    However, There are scattered trails outside today, and it appears they’re at it over the ocean, because it’s looking heavy to the west now.

    1. Trying to suck in the rain perhaps?

      I don’t know what it looks like up here in San Luis Obispo County. I’ve not been out of the house since the 24th. I imagine they’re doing a number on us as well.
      . . .

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