Chemtrails are COAL ASH

Published on Feb 1, 2015 by The HAARP Report

This video solves the 20 year old mysteries:

NOW, we have a real tool, to stop the chemtrail attack on our planet!
This is a VERY important video, so please download, translate/upload, and forward it to all activists. This is some of the most important information, on the planet, and it must go viral!
Here is a short summary, from the American Lung Association:­r/toxic-air-report.pdf – 92k – 2011-03-07
Finally, we have a REAL tool to shut down the chemtrail program. It is time to roll up our sleeves, and get to work!
Blessings to all!

7 thoughts on “Chemtrails are COAL ASH

  1. Am I missing something here? If this guy is against coal-fired electric plants, shouldn’t he be praising Obozo for putting an end to coal mining and thus the closing of coal-fired power plants? Since coal plants have been, and are being closed, shouldn’t one be able to logically deduce that chem-trails are diminishing? Yet, as I have witnessed here in Ga. in the last week alone, the increased spaying for days on end leading up to this last winter storm and cold front.
    Assuming this guy is right about the base material used for chem-trails, it ‘should’ be logical that chem-trails are becoming fewer and less frequent due to the number of coal plants closed, so does anyone out there have any ideas how the trails can appear to be on the increase while the coal plants are on the decrease? I know I’m just a dumb ol’ country boy from the sticks in Ga, and maybe it’s the fact I’m not a product of common core, but can somebody help me understand this one?

  2. I’m not even watching this. Sounds like more propaganda to shut down coal plants. While coal ash could possibly be used as a base in the spray the plants aren’t mixing it with other poisons, putting it in jetliners and spraying it all over the planet poisoning everybody and fukkin my blue sky.

  3. If this is coal ash, then how come Barry is shutting down all of the coal plants? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose or the elite’s chemtrail agenda? I’m confused.

  4. Like all non-overtly suppressed alternative sources, I believe this guy’s info is a mix of real info and some disinfo/misinfo.
    Personally, his YouTube channel has pointed out some very interesting things to me.
    First, his argument fits a standard industrial pattern of using toxic waste by-products for “beneficial” purposes. Think fluoride (byproduct of aluminum manufacture, petroleum refining, uranium processing, etc.) and depleted uranium (byproduct of uranium processing). “Hey, it’s good for your teeth and makes great anti-armor projectiles. Don’t worry about the toxic side effects. They’re no big deal!”
    Second, 120 million tons is 240 billion pounds of coal ash produced per year. If coal ash is used, only an incredibly small % of this would be used. Flying billions of pounds up into the troposphere/stratosphere is not cheap.
    Third, he states a lot of shit about nano particles and yet says coal ash has the proper size (10-100 microns) for chemtrails. That’s 10,000-100,000 nanometers. Too big for a “nanoparticle” by a magnitude of 3, at least.
    Fourth, he says Welsbach materials are used for stratospheric spraying (to reflect the sunlight).
    I have personally measured the altitudes of the majority of chemtrails in NW TX and SW OR. 100% were tropospheric NOT stratospheric. Dwell times of these materials in the stratosphere can be up to a couple of years. In the troposphere gravity and precipitation bring it down relatively quickly.
    Fifth, mercury is a commonly known toxin in coal. And yet there is relatively very little in chemtrails. The same with Strontium.
    He states they must add barium, as it is relatively low in coal ash (like mercury and strontium), to remove fluorine from the atmosphere. I don’t have any real hard info but I do know that free fluoride needs to be removed from the stratosphere as it causes ozone reduction as a catalyst.
    Barium may do that. I’m really not sure. But it also has more mobile electrons than most other elements allowing the atmosphere to become extremely conductive. This is useful for a variety of things I’ll be happy to discuss if any of you are interested.
    Sixth, he plays the non-violent civil disobedience card a bit too much.
    Gandhi was a great man man but there were a lot of casualties in his actions.
    With the technology available to TPTB today, we are in an incredible if not impossible “disobedience” situation.
    I apologize for the length of his post.
    It just helped to organize the positive and negative aspects of this info/disinfo video.
    Thanks for the indulgence.

    1. Thank, CaptainObvious, your response makes more sense than most of the info in the article. I appreciate it.

  5. Who benefits?

    Remember, every time an event happens – good or bad – it sends waves of money in very specific directions.
    . . .

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