9 thoughts on “Chemtrails in Texas

    1. Thanks Katie, I live near DFW and yep, I saw the chemtrails. Thank you for posting those pictures.

  1. They stopped spraying us here in Northwest Florida for over a week now! Its awesome to see REAL clouds and NO clouds for a change. Too bad I know the spraying will be back soon enough. ­čÖü

  2. That’s exactly how Dallas looked yesterday morning outside my apartment. FIVE of the chemtrail bastards were going at it simultaneously across the skies. It pissed me off.

  3. Well I guess chemtrailing over Dallas-Fort Worth is the reason they’re not chemtrailing over far west Texas…hope they don’t cause you’all’s headaches like they do me!

    1. Well it seems like they only chemtrail the big cities because I usually visit Sulpher Springs, TX (a smaller town) on the weekends which is about 70 miles East of Dallas and there’s hardly ever any chemtrails and the skies are usually clear of any pollutants. Just my observation.

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