Children denied life-saving cancer drugs – They might actually do better without them

SOTT – by Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph

Hundreds of children are dying needlessly from cancer or being left with debilitating conditions because life-saving drugs are only tested on adults, health experts have warned.

Since 2007, of the 28 new cancer drugs which have been given European approval, half cannot be licensed for children because youngsters were not included in their trials.  

Pharmaceutical companies argue that it is pointless testing drugs for adult cancers, such as lung cancer, on children because they do not develop them in childhood.

But oncologists say that the underlying genetic triggers are the same and so the new treatments would be beneficial.

The lung cancer drug Gefitinib, for example, which has been approved by Nice, targets mutations of the EGFR gene. The same mutations appear in the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, which affects around 100 children each year in Britain and the drug is likely to be effective, but cannot be prescribed.

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London is urging the EU to change the law so that drug companies are forced to test all new medications on youngsters.

“Kids are dying,” said Professor Alan Ashworth, Chief Executive of the ICR. “We are getting to a situation where there are effectively no new drugs for children, and we are no longer advancing in the treatment of childhood cancer.

“It is essential that groundbreaking cancer treatments are tested not only in adults but also in children whenever the mechanism of action of the drug suggests they could effective.

“The current system is failing to provide children with access to new treatments that could add years to their lives.”

The ICR is calling for the European Commission to change the 2007 European Union Regulation on Paediatric Medicine so that pharmaceutical companies can no longer opt out of trials on children.

Although waivers are appropriate when an adult cancer drug will not work in childhood cancers, they are often granted even when evidence shows that a drug for adult cancers has a ‘mechanism of action’ that could treat childhood cancers too.

Health experts claim pharmaceutical companies are put off testing drugs on children because of the limited financial benefit and the risk to their reputation if something goes wrong.

But the loophole means that many cancer drugs available on the NHS cannot be prescribed to children, even though it is likely they would be beneficial.

Dr Louis Chesler said a paediatric oncologist at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust said: “There are pharmaceutical companies out there with libraries of drugs which could be cures for childhood cancer but they never get tested.

“Increasing the number of paediatric cancer trials can have enormous benefits for children with cancer, by increasing the number of drugs available to them, improving doctors’ knowledge about how best to use drugs in children, and providing treatment in a best-practice clinical trial environment.

“Many cancer drugs developed for adults could be effective in children if we were able to test them in clinical trials. But the current system allows drug manufacturers to avoid testing their products in children, on the flawed grounds that adult cancers don’t have direct children’s equivalents – even where there is a common mechanism of action.”

Karen Capel lost her son Christopher, aged five, to the childhood cancer medulloblastoma and co-founded charity Christopher’s Smile to fund new research.

She said: “New drugs are urgently needed to save the lives of the around a quarter of children who cannot be cured of their disease. For those children that do survive, the long term effects of harsh cytotoxic treatments leave many with a hugely degraded quality of life.

“Having lost our five-year-old son to cancer we experienced the worst horrors any parent could imagine.

“We want to fund the best research into new treatments for children but without the availability of the latest drugs this is not possible.”

16 thoughts on “Children denied life-saving cancer drugs – They might actually do better without them

  1. This is so sad. Cancer is one of those things that so many people have been so thoroughly brainwashed about. To the point where if you present an alternative (and politically incorrect) viewpoint or theory, the information is so offensive to them that they get angry.

    How many people have been irreparably harmed by conventional cancer “treatments?” And then, their resulting ill health (or death) is blamed on the cancer, rather than the treatment itself?

    So, so sad. I am not saying there isn’t such a thing as “cancer.” Just that it is not what we have been led to believe. We are now so fully indoctrinated into the fear response (which is just the thing that encourages the cancer to grow and spread, among other things).

    For every person I hear from who has been diagnosed with cancer, it really depends on how they respond to a few of my gently probing questions, how much alternative info I give them, as opposed to keeping my alternative thoughts to myself and simply supporting their choice of conventional treatment. The last thing I want to say to a person who has been disfigured by surgery or permanently damaged by chemo or radiation is that perhaps that was unnecessary…

    1. yes EE i have seen several acquaintances die of that dread disease for lack of knowledge, after trying my best to get them to save their own lives by taking REAL medicine, and have seen a few take the real medicine, and live. I for one take preventive measures, and encourage others to do the same.
      People don’t have to dye from this.

      1. Exactly Paul. I belive in preventive medicine. All people really need to do is to listen to their own bidies and most of the time the body will tell ya that there is something wrong as has been my as well as others experience that I have found. It is really not all that hard. Yes Paul, you and others here know what I am talkin` about I am sure. You know when there is something wrong with yourself most every time.

  2. In 2002 I got diagnosed with two different types of cancer I was aged 32yrs. My mother died of cancer in 1975 aged 26yrs I was 4 when she passed. My dad had cancer and beat it at age 34 so I was right on schedule or so it seemed. I was also told I had several heart attacks and needed open heart surgery and a pace maker AT 32!!! I was told that the heart problem was the cause of Aspartame poisoning from the use of sugar-free gum to which I had in my mouth 24-7 for years. But the cancer was a family thing.

    Anyhow I refused medical treatment and when home asked to LORD to show me how to get healthy and I started studying relentlessly to save my life. Well we are now in 2014 and I am still on this side of the sod all without the help of the medical establishment. Now I will admit I used them to help diagnose what was wrong with me, but refused any and all of their treatment. I have found many things in nature that I have used even in my own back yard to rebuild my health. I have gathered a large amount of information on herbal cures and remedies that actually do work! It is truly a case of us not getting enough leafy greens along with fruits and other vegetables in our diet. We tend to kill literally everything we eat and as a result we give our bodies absolutely no nutrition and we basically starve our selves to death all the while getting fatter and fatter.

    I have had no issues with my heart in about 4yrs. I read an article about Jack Lalanne that told of how he had some kind of heart condition at a young age and was not expected to live a long life, but an old timer explained to him to take a teaspoon of bragg apple cider vinegar and a tea spoon of raw local honey (not store bought) and stir into 8oz of water and do that three times a day. Well I tried that, within 2 weeks I had no more issues with my heart I also have added a cayenne tincture into the drink and that ended my problems with frost bite which I suffered for years. As time goes on I have become healthier and healthier and I praise my Saviour for allowing me to be here on the earth during this time for the sake of my family and I am so grateful and blessed!

    Just thought I’d share that little bit of information about myself.

    BONUS INFORMATION* Check out a lady named Linda Runyon her information is invaluable! I have learned how to completely live off the land from her in the event SHTF and the grocery store shelves are cleared off. This information makes it possible to live with out the supermarkets

    Linda Runyon’s website:

    Sorry for any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in advance.

    John 3:3
    3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    1. akjb1611 i would like to discuss this further with you. If your are comfortable with it, i will ask Henry for your email address. by the way John 3:3 is one of my favorite verses. 🙂

  3. “Pharmaceutical companies argue that it is pointless testing drugs for adult cancers, such as lung cancer, on children because they do not develop them in childhood.”

    For once they’re actually telling the truth. They know damn well that their drugs are totally worthless, because they are NOT in the business of curing cancer. Cure the patient, kill the cash cow. They make ZERO money off of a patient who has been cured, hence the they reason they call radiation and chemo TREATMENTS, NOT CURES. They are designed to do two things – NOT cure the cancer, and to empty the patient’s bank account BEFORE they die.

    I REALLY HATE the so-called medical establishment. They murdered my sister and mother, and they did it years before I found the TRUE cure for their cancers, so I was unable to save either of them with this information.

    This ABSOLUTELY works! I cured my own lung cancer years ago (and I STILL smoke) as well as a good friend of mine’s skin cancer.


  4. wow #1 just clicked the link you cited. what an informative read. I purchase very bitter kernels from was afraid to purchase from cali. for fear of radiation. Can you advise?

    1. also #1 you mentioned in the linked article about a John who asked you about this. Would that be John Moore the libertyman?

      1. If you read the comments on that article, John came up and gave his personal testimony (unsolicited by me). He is just a good Christian friend of mine.

    2. Radiation is unavoidable, Paul. West coast, East coast, it makes no difference. The only real option is to eliminate it from our systems. For that I take alpha lipoic acid (not sure how well the MSM deals with radiation). I figure if there is any radiation that doesn’t get flushed with the alpha lipoic, if it does create any cancerous cells, then the B17 will kill them.

      The kernels I buy are grown here in CA, distributed by ApricotPower. com. They’ve managed to do a great job so far. I eat 30 a day. But for anyone who definitely has cancer, and especially those in later stages, I would highly recommend they buy the b17 capsules, also available from the same site. It’s more expensive than the kernels, but FAR cheaper than their voodoo witch doctor ‘treatments’, which accomplish nothing more than to drain one’s bank account (by design, of course)

      And it actually works. I know this from personal experience. It’s the reason why I’m alive today, and why I’m able to put this information out there.

        1. You’d be wasting your time, Paul. All you’d hear would be the sound of crickets. Believe it or not, I actually hate to type. Slow as molasses. What typically takes even an average typist 2 – 3 mins. to type , takes me 10 or more. That’s why you don’t generally see many long comments from me. About the only e-mailing I really do is to send articles in to Henry, and that only because there’s no other way. Over 95% of my computer time is spent right here on The Trenches, or looking for articles to send.

          No, you would just end up thinking I didn’t like you, for lack of replies. Sorry.

          1. hah I understand #1 just thought id ask. always looking for information, and you seem to have a handle on knowledge. Your cancer story is amazing. I ran into the apricot kernels on the John Moore site, and have been consuming them for a while now. have never had cancer and do not intend to. i am a smoker like you. your correct they are very hard to quit. several years ago i switched to smokes out of the republic of Moldova, as they have fewer additives. as i understand it domestic ones are laden with radio active fertilizers.

            God bless

          2. I’ve been told that American Spirit cigarettes are completely natural, with no additives. As with all things, I take that with a grain of salt, since I believe very little of what ANY corporations have to say about their own products.

            And yes, the radioactive waste used on tobacco program was first disclosed (I believe he was the first, couldn’t swear to it) by Bill Cooper in his book “Behold a Pale Horse”. A true patriot, I tend to take what he said to be the truth.

            Especially since that POS Zionist shill AJ hated him.

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