China owns Long Beach Port in California

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Yep. China owns Long Beach port (purchased this year during the tariff news fiasco)

And guess what? That is the EXACT port where federal grant money is going for the high speed rail project that just so happens to follow the charred remains up through California.

COSCO (Hong Kong) Group Limited is one of the largest Chinese state-owned conglomerates in Hong Kong, which is wholly owned by COSCO Group. Its business include shipping services, coatings manufacturing, insurance, information technology, freight forwarding, property development and management.

This is the same conglomerate that’s been buying up real estate in California and Hawaii.

China’s Seaport Shopping Spree: What China Is Winning By Buying Up The World’s Ports

FDA even says it is deliberate contamination^^^

We are already at war and the Federal Government and businesses are selling the American people OUT for their own greedy wellbeing and comfort.

I finally found a map of China’s current and planned port acquisitions worldwide (up to September 2017):

Chinese companies had confirmed seaport investments or port ownership in 34 countries by September 2017, with 12 planned investments in another eight countries.

Here are more than a dozen ports in the Mediterranean and Europe in which the Chinese state-owned enterprises COSCO Shipping Ports and China Merchants Port Holdings have acquired stakes: (map)

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Investment Watch

3 thoughts on “China owns Long Beach Port in California

  1. Goddamnit, long beach is one of the busiest ports in the world, been there done that, hell hole to get in and out of if you haul containers for a living. These fkg Chinese own half the country already, but owning this port gives them big advantage with enemy infiltration into America, our leaders are fkg spineless.

    This transaction just happened too, goddamn shame.

  2. Been in the works for a long time…China spent billions on a new port in western Mexico, Congress has lobbied for the trans corridor freeway from the south border to Canada….and laws allowing Pedro to drive farther and farther into America.
    My guess is that they’ll shut down Long Beach and the unions , move all the shipping to Mexico and pay Pedro pennies to deliver all that cheap Walmart crap.

    1. Yep. already in the works, here in northern Nevada there was a small clip on local news about a ” Highway 11″ That’s being planned—did a search for nafta highway—-sure nuf, it’s already built from the border to Las Vegas. Funny part was the first hit on the search said “nafta hwy–Conspiracy theory”, and the second hit explained it was already funded in 2015!

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