Chinese Do Away With Term Limits – American Law Makers Silent

American law makers have become so subservient to the Chinese, they seemingly have green lighted something that goes against American Nationals best interest. Not only has our own traitor in chief said that he would look into indefinite term limits himself, but others around the world have said the same thing. Putin for example has talked about this. These leaders are corrupt as hell anyway, so why not just vote yourself in for a lifetime term?

Lifetime terms are always the result of Prima Donna leaders believing they are a God like presence among the masses, resulting in nothing more than a ruling elite power grab for life. Do you think that the little people of China all couldn’t wait for this commie bullshit artist to vote himself in for life?   

If American leaders entertain this globalist takeover circus act, then American Nationals will be one step closer to revolution. Every day that goes by we have to hear about one more precious right of liberty become extinct by others, becoming fodder fallout here in America. This kind of thing only means one thing; the Chinese takeover of America is moving along swimmingly, giving American billionaires more power to annihilate the little guy.

This current Chinese leader now has complete and utter power for life to destroy more American values by having the American billionaires in place, garnered over the years by corruption, greed and avarice. American leaders are too implicit, in too deep now to even retaliate, obvious treason according to American Nationals Bill of Rights to defend American values and to protect our own.

Not a peep from the cowards in Washington, complicit in a seemingly wanton Chinese takeover. One more insight showing us our corrupt leaders, traitors in every sense of the word.

8 thoughts on “Chinese Do Away With Term Limits – American Law Makers Silent

  1. American lawmakers robo-sign anything big pharma puts in front of them anyway. Why would anyone expect them to be concerned with Chinese law?

    They don’t even care about American laws.

    1. Right, you and I just got hamstrung, more so than ever before. This is a Chinese/ Russian/ Washington commie end run against everything good in America.

      Everyday, a little more…

      1. yeah, and it isn’t going to end well. These commie bastards made a mess, and it’s going to get a lot messier before it can be cleaned up.

      2. WW2 was the same way… Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and Hitler were all Ashkenazi Jews, and all their countries had Rothschild-owned central banks.

        We’re just seeing the dramatic build up to WW3, and the loser has already been decided. (it’s the USA)

  2. The air is turning red while universities sprinkle it with rainbow glitter and doctors pass out happy pills. I here the ghosts of the Anti-Federalists begging us to stand strong. So much is said by who is silent when.


  3. They did away with term limits.

    I guess this means the lunch special goes until 5:30. P.m.

    Now all the the fortune cookies…

    Will just say…

    Phuck Yu.


    Me So Horney.

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