15 thoughts on “Chinese soldiers arrive in USA for joint exercise

  1. Wow. Only like 25 of them. Where’s the other 999,999,975 of them?

    The ones here all look like Chinese farmers. I bet the only fight they have ever done was hacking away at the rice paddies back home. Yawn!

    1. Seriously, you can’t even venture a guess? I’ll give you a hint – his initials are B-H-O. On the other hand, China HAS been buying up large tracts of land in the US. They’ll build entire cities, including infrastructure and manufacturing, and move their citizens in.

      1. Yes Slug Diamond, it was obama, and we let him get away with this crap and the goverment and the people do not do a damned thing about it is what I was sayin` in a cocky sarcastic way. Hell – where is the military protecting our borders. Our military should be haveing that foreign army under the microscope ready to jump. Hell, that foreign army should be run out on a rail and sent right back where they came from.

        1. I’m right there with ya’ diggerdan! We know who all are responsible for this mess we’re in. We’ve been sold out by our “elected” officials, each and every one of ’em.

          Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

          1. Sometimes I get so damned angry about the govt. and how it is run that I do not know what to say if ya know what I mean Slug Diamond. Like you say Slug D. Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

          2. There’s nothing left TO say. Words aren’t cutting it anymore. And, as history shows, action speaks louder than words.

  2. They could get some REAL experience by catching the next transport to the Philippines but that training would get their spiffy uniforms dirty and stinky.

  3. Mel in the “Patriot movie” gave sound advice when he said AIM SMALL MISS SMALL, and these look like small lil targets.

      1. They can send all of them here, wont make any difference ,there were a whole heapin helpin of fkn british before the camels back was broke.Just relax there’s gonna come a time when they cant run far or fast enough to escape the anger that resides in americans who have been BETRAYED by the WHORES that pretend to be in charge

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