CISPA and the Alternative Media

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CISPA has passed the House by a vote of 288 – 127 and the bill now heads to the Senate. Although the president has vowed not to sign the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act – CISPA, the Alternative Media is fearful he will once again betray the American Public by doing the opposite of whatever he promises.  

An article posted April 18, 2013 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation at titled U.S. House of Representatives Shamefully Passes CISPA; Internet Freedom Advocates Prepare for a Battle in the Senate reads:

Today, Internet freedom advocates everywhere turned their eyes to the U.S. House of Representatives as that legislative body considered the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.  

For the second year in a row,  the House voted to approve CISPA, a bill that would allow companies to bypass all existing privacy law to spy on communications and pass sensitive user data to the government.  EFF condemns the vote in the House and vows to continue the fight in the Senate.

“CISPA is a poorly drafted bill that would provide a gaping exception to bedrock privacy law,” EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl said. “While we all agree that our nation needs to address pressing Internet security issues, this bill sacrifices online privacy while failing to take common-sense steps to improve security.”

The legislation passed 288-127, despite a veto threat from Pres. Barack Obama, who expressed serious concerns about the danger CISPA poses to civil liberties.

Another article by the EFF, 34 Civil Liberties Organizations Oppose CISPA After Amendments, contains information to contact your Senators and Representatives:

You can read about the recent changes to CISPA—including why EFF continues to oppose the bill—in our recent analysis.  We urge individuals who are concerned to speak out by calling their Congressional Representatives and then following up with an email.

There’s no doubt this effort to oppress The People from exercising their 1stAmendment Rights  has any other purpose than to limit information sharing. A long standing policy of omission, censorship and denials has been the modusoperandi of the US Government that unfortunately is now abusing the power and authority that the public has entrusted them with. We need to remain hyper-vigilant on Cyber Security Legislation.

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  1. “CISPA has passed the House by a vote of 288 – 127 and the bill now heads to the Senate. Although the president has vowed not to sign the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act – CISPA.”

    LOL! the prez wants this So bad he’s drooling.

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