Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!

Published on Apr 29, 2013 by Clash Daily Liberal Chick is back and completely off her rocker. This time the zany Leftist wants pressure cookers banned in light of the Boston Terrorist Attack. The sad thing is she finds dozens of college students ready to outlaw them as well. Cockle-Doodle-Do!

13 thoughts on “Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Holy-Crow,,,… I thought this was a joke!!

    Ahhh,… its good to see our future generation has everything under control!

    W-H-A-T,… an idiot!

    In reality, she can hardly be blamed,.. she is a product of her upbringing and the propaganda state we live in.

    If her parents had given so much as a rat’s-ass about her,.. they would have taught her about how dysfuntional and criminal this government is,… but then again,… clearly,.. her parents are part of the problem,.. and now their disease of stupidity has been passed onto another generation.

    Lord help us.

    JD – US Marines – I sometimes loose all faith that this country has any chance of survival when I see retards like this.

  2. Gasoline is on of the most powerful of all explosives. A can filled with gasoline and a spark plug would be devastating. BAN GASOLINE !

  3. This is a joke. Pressure cookers have not been banned in two counties. She keeps pointing to the Obama shirt to show how the image of this communist can help sway people.
    We should be very upset over the fact that so many of these so called college students actually signed this. That is higher education in the US, I suppose.

    1. Unfortunately, the real joke is what laughingly passes for ‘centers of higher education’ these days.

  4. Actually what I find disturbing is a history class on the Beatles so much for higher learning,

  5. What’s next exploding condoms, tampons and day after pills? Where do citizens draw the line at dumb movements? Mindless, suggestable, zombies of the new world order! What happened to teaching critical thinking at universities? Or is the dumbing down effect at K-12’s throughout America really working? Maybe the Apple or electromagnetic pollution has finally taken its toll? Pray it’s not contagious!

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