Citizen Rails City Commission On “Universal Background Checks”

Published on Jan 30, 2014 by LaughingAtLiberals

Portland City Council takes testimony on the symbolic endorsement of a state legislative agenda packet, which includes support for “universal background checks” on the state level. 2 citizens show up to voice their disapproval, present a different side of the argument, and ask several questions that no one in the room can answer. Commissioner Nick Fish is somehow confused by the citizens intent, and needs further clarification. Does Amanda Fritz give the citizen the middle finger at :14 ? The citizen calls out Mayor Charlie Hales for his blatant complicity with Ceasefire Oregon’s illegal gun show ( full story at… ). Commissioner Dan Saltzman is MIA.

Portland City Councilman Steve Novick gets snippy with a cameraman after citizens give testimony against approving the symbolic support of the “state legislative” agenda, which includes a section that endorses “universal background checks” for gun sales. Mr. Novick inadvertently makes the case that if one wants to commit suicide, but can’t find a gun, they will find other ways to complete their goal.

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