2 thoughts on “City Officials Steal Campaign Sign – RED HANDED.

  1. The cop in the second video is exactly the kind of person with little intelligence that I ran into a few years ago at the airport when dealing with the TSA after coming back from overseas. I tried educating the TSA supervisor, but he wouldn’t listen and thought he was god and said “Don’t touch me!” after I gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder. He then calls a police officer who couldn’t get anything on me after I tried to educate the bastard about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as he too, didn’t have a brain in his head just like the cop in this second video. He, too, gave me the same condescending reverse psychology bullshit when I complained about the radiation chambers at the airport and its effects on people. Like the cop in this second video, he gave me the: “Well everyone else is doing it, so it looks like you are the one causing the problem” infamous Communist line, even though he knew he was wrong, but didn’t care, as long as he could look good and make me look stupid.

    Rationale doesn’t work on irrational beings. They may listen, but they don’t give a shit as they find it easier and more fun to make you look crazy than to actually have to do anything or side with you.

  2. Around here where I live guys in little white trucks just like that do the exact same thing and they call it code enforcement. I have seen those trucks completely full of those little signs about everything from homes for rent to political favorites. The only place those signs are allowed is in your front yard or on other property that an individual owns. Its just more in your face citizens controlled and as you see in the clip a cop was right there to step in and he wasn’t there to protect the citizen but rather the code enforcement pig!

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