City Pays 6-Figure Settlement For Tazering Residents And No Warrant Search Excessive Force

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According to a law firm press release, a California city and police department paid a six figure legal judgement for a warantless search and  use of excessive force.

The City of West Covina along with the West Covina Police Department, as well as two named police officers handed down a six-figure settlement this week to two West Covina residents who filed a joint lawsuit seeking damages arising from their encounter with West Covina police officers in February of 2012.   

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and civil rights lawyer Justin E. Sterling represented plaintiffs Juan and Herminia Espinosa. [LA Superior Ct. Case No. BC498366]

According to court documents, Sterling claimed that West Covina police officers conducted a warrantless and forced entry into the Espinosa home without justification, used excessive force and unlawfully tased the plaintiffs.

The two were arrested and charged with resisting arrest. Attorney Justin E. Sterling defended the criminal matter and was successful at getting all charges dismissed based on 4th Amendment violations, specifically the warrantless and unjustified entry into the Espinosa home.

Sterling’s office later lodged a civil suit against the City and its Police Department alleging civil rights violations including assault and battery, unlawful search and seizure, and false imprisonment.

“The hope is that police departments will be motivated to ensure that officers are trained on how to responsibly interact with citizens and how to de-escalate conflicts,” stated Sterling. “We also need to reevaluate the use of tasers in situations where the other party is unarmed and presents no immediate threat.”

Having represented the Espinosa family since the inception of litigation, Sterling stated, “I am hopeful the settlement award in this case can offer some vindication for the Espinosa family, with an eye on finally being able to put this nightmare behind them.”

The settlement in this case came one week before jury selection was set to begin in Los Angeles Superior Court.

3 thoughts on “City Pays 6-Figure Settlement For Tazering Residents And No Warrant Search Excessive Force

  1. Hey, where is the 6 figure settlement for all the Round Rock, TX residents who were tasered by the Round Rock Police department for no reason over the years, including me? When do we get paid? Personally, I’d rather see them (especially Officer Cox) all hang, but that’s just me.

    1. I was wondering how long it would take you to find this one, NC. Looks like you got tased in the wrong neighborhood, buddy.


  2. And the same taxpayers who funded their occupations will reach a little deeper to secure the financial liabilities of their oppressors.Meanwhile the jerks will be employed a county away while their old jobs are filled with new parasites who care nothing for public security or the law.There’s a big problem with government supplied police.They work for their boss who has a monoply on force and the partial judgement of the courts.They’re all on the same team and they cheat in front of God and everybody but it doesn’t matter because they are their own referees.They’re calling the game and shooting the free throws.My advice,take or leave it,is not to play the game.

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