God-Free Zones in Public Schools

Conservative Daily – by Joe Otto

Every now and then, you hear a story that is so outrageous, it just makes you shake your head. Well, this is one of those stories.

A public elementary school in Dearborne, Michigan has told one of its students that he is no longer welcome to bring the Bible to school with him. The boy, who is 8-years old and has special needs, brings the Bible to school every day as his reading choice during free time. That is, until the school informed the boy and his family that the Bible was “only for church, not school.”  

Is that for real? An autistic child wants to read the Bible during his free time at school, and an Administrator actually told him that isn’t allowed?

What is happening to this country?

When did the right to “freedom of religion” become “freedom from religion”?

The First Amendment reads that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That means that every American cannot be coerced into or prohibited from practicing a religion.

Yet somewhere along the way, this freedom to practice your religion has been transformed into an individual right to avoid religion 24/7. For some reason, people have been conditioned to believe they have a constitutional right to avoid other people practicing their faith. Children are being taught that they cannot pray in schools because it might offend other students. Now, we live in a world where an autistic child is punished for trying to read a Bible in school. When will this stop!?

Put an end to violations of religious freedom happening in our schools today!

We have reached a point when any mention of God is considered anathema in our public schools. Courts around the country have tried to ban the Pledge of Allegiance because it includes the phrase “under God.” School children are routinely suspended for praying, or in the words of school administrators, “causing a disturbance.” And Catholic schools have even come under fire for putting crucifixes in every classroom, which allegedly violates the first amendment rights of students…

Enough is enough!

If children choose to focus on God during school hours, how dare anyone stop them? How dare any teacher or administrator prohibit the free exercise of religion on school grounds?

Liberals want to make our public schools God-free zones. Christmas carols have been edited to remove mention of Christ or God; Biblical quotes have been stricken from monuments on school grounds; and the mere mention of the Lord prompts administrators to DISCIPLINE students!

Discipline? For exercising a First Amendment right to practice a religion?

This 8-year old boy should be celebrated, not punished. How many children his age do you think bring a Bible to school to read? We need more faith in school, not less!

What are school administrators afraid of? Are they afraid this boy will learn to love his classmates? Learn to turn the other cheek during confrontations? Are they afraid he will work to support the poor and needy?

Put an end to violations of religious freedom happening in our schools today!

Schools today are taking a play right out of Karl Marx’s playbook. Marx famously wrote that religion is the “opium of the people” and that “the abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.”

You see, this assault on First Amendment rights is nothing but an offensive attempt by Liberals to re-educate our children!

It is incredibly demeaning to suggest that God has to be banned from schools for ‘public good,’ and it reveals the Liberals’ belief that faith holds back human evolution and development.

Make no mistake: these incidents prohibiting God in schools are not isolated. They are coordinated efforts to desensitize and proselytize our children.

There is a reason more Conservatives are home-schooling their children. When the public schools aren’t targeting Conservatism, they are targeting faith.

The fact that schoolteachers and administrators are targeting your way of life is just evidence that they fear you! Liberals realize that faith in God has prevented them from implementing all of their “progressive” and post-modern, secular policies.

They are counting on you to just submit to them… they are hoping that you will stay quiet while the public school system brainwashes and re-educated your children.

But we won’t give up one inch! We will not allow Liberals to criminalize faith in schools!

Put an end to violations of religious freedom happening in our schools today!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily


4 thoughts on “God-Free Zones in Public Schools

  1. This is absolute INSANITY!!

    But it’s OK if two gays are kissing and if you set up gay free zones, it’s OMG! You’re a homophobe! You are discriminating against gays!! Shame on you! I’ll sue.

    However, if a kid reading the Bible peacefully is disturbing, then people have to set up Bible free zones because these atheists just can’t deal with someone holding a book in front of their eyes? Is it really so torturous for them to deal with? But seeing two gays kissing, it’s politically correct and it’s a free country?

    WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!!??? Does anyone have any morals whatsoever anymore? Any brains at all? Are there really that many stupid people in our country or are all of these people who are protesting or banning things merely a small amount of government plants, strategically put in place?

    I mean, I don’t even think a lightening bolt in the head from God Himself would even wake these stupid sheeple up. I’m really sick and tired of this immoral and insane crap! These Satanic bastards need to be hung for treason!

  2. Church and state should be separated.Education and state should be separated.Economy and state should be separated.Civilization and state should be separated.Must be separated.Civilized society needs spiritualism,learning,sound money and moral tradition.The thing is we can do it without the state.The only other thing is we can’t do it with the state.Earth and state should be separated.

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