10 thoughts on “City With Large Illegal Alien Population Hands Out Flyer Showing The Freebies They Get

    1. No problem! It really makes me sick to my stomach to hear and see this treason ,while millions of Americans are homeless and no food hell their basic needs not met and the illegals come here and live like kings . They reward these people for breaking the law but if you and I dont wear a damn seat belt they would shoot us dead.

  1. Meanwhile, we have disabled homeless veterans among the American born, men, women, and children, who are hungry, living in the streets or in cars etc while the invaders take advantage of idiots. Now also consider that our Government gives away millions of dollars daily to Isrehell so they can continue their genocide. That money is ours and should be spent taking care of our own. Fug all these freeloaders, what happened to America first?

    1. Might be your United States corporation government, it is not mine, and it isn’t ‘America First’, it is individual free sovereign nationals for the united States of the Americas first.
      Other than that, I agree with your hypothesis.

  2. “We have a MAJOR CRISIS on our southern border. Just this year, there have been OVER 4,000 CASES of adults fraudulently presenting with children that aren’t their own. As one man whose children crossed the border said, ‘A child is like a passport for migration.'”
    — Brad Parscale


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