Citizens News – by LJ Devon

Over the past three years, the predatory Centers for Disease Control (CDC) challenged parental rights in a way that mocked the father and subjugated the mother. The CDC aggressively damaged the minds of youth with bodily mandates and mental illnesses, while permanently injuring children with needless experiments. Their latest act of malice towards children is pushing LGBTQ causes in public (government) schools and confusing children about their gender, emotions, and identity.  Continue reading “Perverted and predatory LGBTQ compliance ratings coming to public schools, thanks to the CDC”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

The FBI has issued a statement in response to the Elon Musk’s release of THE TWITTER FILES, which boils down to ‘Of course we’ve embedded ourselves in social media companies, and anyone who has a problem with it is a conspiracy theorist trying to tarnish our stellar reputation.’  Continue reading “FBI Says Twitter Infiltration Business As Usual , Slams ‘Conspiracy Theorists’”

Collapse News – by Ethan Huff

America’s new digital dollar is almost here as the Federal Reserve gears up to unleash its “FedNow” program at some point between now and next July. Continue reading “CBDC in 2023: Federal Reserve planning to implement “FedNow” digital currency between May and July of 2023″

Wake Up Sheeple – Infowars

The invasion at the southern border is ongoing and unrelenting.

‘Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson once said 1,000 in a day would be a ‘crisis’. We are 8x that right now.’ Continue reading “Invasion: Incredible Footage Shows Over 1,000 Illegals Pouring Into US”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

The G20, which is a group of 19 nations that includes the United States, and the European Union, recently held its annual business meeting (B20) in Bali, Indonesia. At this meeting, they declared that a digital vaccine passport, standardized by the World Health Organization, will be part of international pandemic prevention and response moving forward.  Continue reading “Ruling Classes Intend To Force Everyone To Use An International Vaccine Passport”

End of the American Dream – by Michael Snyder

I suppose that we should have known that this was inevitable.  After establishing a precedent during the pandemic, now the elite apparently intend to impose lockdowns for other reasons as well.  What I have detailed in this article is extremely alarming, and I hope that you will share it with everyone that you can.  Continue reading “Climate Change Lockdowns? Yup, They Are Actually Going There…”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the last nail in the coffin of the illusion of freedom. Once they are implemented there will be no freedom, nor will there be any illusions of such.  Continue reading “CBDCs Are Coming; The Final Nail In The Illusion of Freedom’s Coffin”