Clerk shoots at robbers

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By: ThisIsButter

Police say two men walked into the USA Store on South Adkin Street around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night.

In the video, the would-be robber points the rifle at the worker, who then fired a shot at the men. They ran from the store and in the video you can see them drop the rifle at the front door.

Police say they got away in a silver vehicle.


3 thoughts on “Clerk shoots at robbers

  1. That guy was well prepared, and obviously ready for scumbags like those two.

    Now let’s see if the pigs try to charge him with anything.

  2. I see a few mistakes he made
    1. Kick that carbine back into the store ( the one they dropped and got stuck in the door)
    2. Never “run after them” or go have no idea what environment you are going to run into sticking yer fool head or body out that door

    stay ready , inside , and with concealment between you and the door , preferably concealment that can take a bullet

    Now , wheres the perps Carbine? and is it even real?

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