‘Climate change’ campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio takes private jet to Coachella

The American Mirror – by Victor Skinner

The United Nation’s Ambassador to Peace Leonardo DiCaprio told the world body in 2014 that “now must be our moment for action” to fight climate change.

This week, DiCaprio was pictured on his private gas-guzzling jet enroute to Coachella, the annual California music festival. 

Twitter user Chet Cannon posted a picture of DiCaprio with his high-rolling friends on Monday.

“Global warming! But first, #Coachella via private jet!” Cannon wrote.

The A-list actor’s blatant hypocrisy prompted an avalanche of criticism.

“Thankful he’s concerned about MY carbon footprint,” Adam Lambert posted. “Can someone please come up with a new word for hypocrite?”

“DiCaprio,” Walkhikebike shot back.


“With all the trouble in the world, it’s a comfort that the #DoubleStandard is still firmly in place,” Honest Autism added.


“I’m sure he will say it runs on recycled corn oil,” Mike wrote.

Others were quick to point out that it’s not the first time DiCaprio has contradicted himself.

“Was that the same private jet that Saint Leo of Global Warming took to Australia and then Las Vegas so that he and his posse could celebrate New Years Ever 2012 twice?” K. H-Vohs wrote. “Raging hypocrite & fraud.”

The Gateway Pundit, among others, posted an image of the massive yacht The Wolf of Wall Street actor took to watch the World Cup in 2014.


“Private jet to Coachella and private yacht to World Cup for @LeoDiCaprio,” Carver Callie posted to Twitter. “Funny that ‘Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change’ doesn’t apply to #LeoTheHypocrite.”


“Well I see no contradiction. There is the official ‘I’m a bigshot celebrity so I can do things like this’ waiver,” Emn Enm wrote.

The American Mirror

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