4 thoughts on “CNN’s Don Lemon LOVES What Trump Just Did! Should YOU?!

    1. CO, speaking for myself I watch/read many posts submitted here and often do not comment. Thank you for this post. Someone submitted an article on this topic previous to your post in which I did comment. Do not be dismayed. I have also posted items without comment. The important thing is you put it out there. Keep them coming. 🙂

    2. It’s not personal or at least should not be taken as a personal. Plenty of articles from all of us don’t ALWAYS get a comment. Keep in mind that everything that is posted is a record which ends up being evidence, which is a good thing.

      Stop crying when your posted articles get no comments.

  1. “We have a problem in our country, it’s a problem no one has thought about too much.” Trump.

    Plenty of us have thought about the problem in our country and that would be you arse holes committing treason DAILY!

    As for sour puss Lemon, he’s just another communist, part of that problem Trump said no one has thought about too much.

    There, there’s your comment.

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