Colorado Democrats want to censure Hickenlooper for vote to deny COVID checks to illegal immigrants

Just the News – by Joseph Weber

Colorado Democratic Sen. John Hickenlooper is facing backlash from within his political party for supporting a measure to keep illegal immigrants from receiving COVID stimulus checks.

“Usually politicians don’t slam the door shut on Latino voters so abruptly,” state Democratic Sen. Julie Gonzales said about the freshman senator vote last week, according to the Denver Post.

In addition, three Colorado members of the Democratic National Committee have requested the Colorado Democratic Party censure Hickenlooper “for violating our Party platform,” according to a Post reporter.

Hickenlooper was one of eight Senate Democrats to join Republicans in favor of the non-binding amendment.

“Budget resolution amendments are non-binding and lead to exactly the kind of circus that makes Washington so famously dysfunctional,” a Hickenlooper spokesperson told the news outlet. “Instead of playing political games, John is laser-focused on getting us through the pandemic, rebuilding the economy and finding a long-term solution to fix our broken immigration system.”

Just the News

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